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Game Thread Jun 18, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 6

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David Hume

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Getting nostalgic tonight. A bit off topic for the game thread, but since it’s a historic night, why not post my “15 Greatest Utah Jazz Players of All-Time” list. To minimize bias, I judged by how many of the following awards they garnered while a Utah Jazz player: MVP, Finals MVP, All-NBA, All-Star, ROY, 6th Man of the Year, DPOY, and Defensive Team. I could only find 15 players who scored at least one point in any category. Here they are, with number of times they won at least one of the above mentioned awards:

1. Karl Malone 35
2. John Stockton 26
3. Rudy Gobert 14
4. Adrian Dantley 9
5. Mark Eaton 8
6. DeRon Williams 5
7. Andrei Kirilenko 4
8. Carlos Boozer 3
9. Donavan Mitchell 2
10. Memo Okur 1
11. Mike Conley 1
12. Ricky Green 1
13. Gordon Hayward 1
14. Jordan Clarkson 1
15. Darrell Griffith 1


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Wow, interesting. If Conley comes back and looks good and DM isn't completely on one leg. This series can get interesting again. As of right now we are dead in the water without them both playing and playing decent

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