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Game Thread Mar 24, 2023 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Bucks

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While filling the role of “Most Annoying Guy on the Utah Jazz”, KO has been a really solid acquisition. No way they trade him next year. He’ll be a lifer.
KO has been our best player tonight and Allen has been their best player. Just how we all figured.
In the Milwaukee Brook dad dicked Lauri three times in a row in the 1st half. Kid kessler got the same treatment. Brook is too good. But so is Kesser in D.
When Bucks was up 51-39, they came empty fro eight possesions in a row. In that time we scored just 4 points. We might be close in this if we did not suck in that span.
If Bucks go hot from downtown like in the 1st quarter this depleted team will take a bad beating. When Lauri, Collin and JC will be back though... No question about we sweep them in the finals.