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Game Thread Nov 30, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs Los Angeles Clippers

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Ron Mexico

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He's been terrific. I can't decide if they should keep him or move him while his value is likely at an all time high.
I am in the sale while his value is at his highest. He is likely in the last year of his contract and will want a big contract plus he is already 30. I dont think we want to play him and I am not sure he fits in. He also seems to get hot for awhile like this and then drops back off in his percentages especially from 3. That said I enjoy him on the team and would be a little sad to see him go. Its also good to have a few older guys on the team. I guess it really comes down to what we can get. If its a solid younger player or really good picks I am in. If its some meh player/s and a late 1st or something I would rather keep him.