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Game Thread Oct 08, 2023 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers (Preseason)

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Dunn, Key, Ochai grouping was the best. I would move Lauri to the 4 and have Collins have backup 5 minutes.
They aren't going to do that. They are going to try and figure out how to make it work with Collins because that's the pathway to the highest potential
Exceeded (my own) expectations:
  • Dunn
  • Luka
  • Yurtseven

On par:
  • Hendricks
  • Agbaji
  • THT
  • Kessler

  • Lauri
  • Clarkson
  • Olynyk
  • (Doesn't really matter on these first three)
  • Collins
  • Sexton
  • Keyonte
  • Simone
He got called for a foul where Kawhi shot the ball backwards and a bad blocking foul against Bones...

If you're using +/- in a preseason game you're beyond hope.

Also hilarious you are going to admit to basing your opinion solely out of spite because you got no hoop knowledge
I’m admitting that you are that annoying…

Go back and read your posts. When THT started hot and Sexton slow it was like the happiest moment of your life. You have problems. I don’t know what Sexton did to you, but surely a professional could help you.

You don’t like + / -… how about fg%…. How about assist to turnover ratio… wait… that’s right; you are the eyeball guy, right? No stat can dissuade you that THT is the greatest player to ever live and Sexton should be out of the NBA. And if anyone disagrees with you, or provides stats to disprove you; well, here come the insults.

It just gets old that every thread has to be the same crap every time.
My take aways:
1) Taylor Hendricks has no idea what is going on, but just watching him run and shoot you can tell he is going to make it in the league. Everything is obviously fast right now, but I was very happy with what I saw.
2) The team needs a general to maximize the talent. I don’t think we can do well without this piece.
3) THT is not the answer.
4) Dunn is the best guard on the team. Everyone plays harder when he is on the floor. He looks like a nice compliment/steadying hand to George.
5) Samanic is not a winner. All he does is shoot. I would hate playing with him.
6) Yurtseven is a player. Looked good to me.
7) Sexton was abused defensively. He seems to want to put in effort, but just was a sieve. Might be unplayable for a good team.
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My biggest takeaway is that Keyonte George is not just fast for Summer League, he is fast for the NBA too. We need to utilize that in the minutes that he plays.
lol you can show Dunn some respect without threating your staunch love for THT.
Cy was extra annoying tonight. Hope this isn't how it's going to be all season. I like to post in and read gamethreads. My favorite part of jazzfanz. This thread wasn't very enjoyable. Too much spamming and trolling.
A healthy Clippers Team is probably the worst possible matchup for the Jazz. Fortunately, after the first couple weeks of the season, a healthy Clippers team is just a hypothetical.
Is Bryce hurt?

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No, he just didn't play tonight. In his media day interview he said he could have played in the Summer League but the team doctors wanted to hold him out (his previous doctors had cleared him to play.)