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Rumor: Warriors have interest in trading for Ingles if made available by the jazz.

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He's got a ****ing 7'1 wingspan and a 8'9 standing reach while being 211 lbs at a 19 year old (born in May, so a pretty young 19 year old at that).

He's not a tweener jesus christ. Look up some basic information before you spout garbage.
He very well could be a Mikal bridges clone. I think if you can get 7-8 years of Moody for one year of Joe Imma go ahead and take the 8 years:


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You can never know that though. Luck falls where it falls.

You make the best deal for YOUR team, IMO
Right, I think this makes the Jazz worse next year and I don't think this build has another year of contention left in it. I also feel like the path to the finals is more difficult after next year (due to Kawhi and Murray more likely being back).


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Warriors are going to trade away a lot of assets to get a Joe Ingles type player from someone
Is it worth trading Ingles to get those assets?