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Ryan Smith/Ainge live interview

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Watching Zanik, Smith and DA interviews this week has made me convinced that we should not theorize too much about evil scheming that goes on behind closed doors. Seems like they run a pretty transparent operation and while they naturally wont disclose their exact plans to the public, I think they are genuine about their motives whenever they talk about them publicly. It feels like they have created a very positive FO culture without backstabbing, power struggles or other politics.

DA seems like a guy who is honest up to disgusting levels rather than a schemer. If he doesnt want to disclose something, he says so straight up instead of coming up with political BS answers. He is a listener who also wings a lot of stuff because he knows the NBA is very unpredictable and smart opportunism rules this league.

I am now 100% convinced the tank never was or never will be. They really did want Hardy to have a team of useful players to work with, instead of a poorly balanced pool of kids that tanks. The Lakers trade we made was honestly to free up minutes and roles from guys who werent part of the future (and to get one more premium asset and put us in a good situation capwise).

Now don't get me wrong.. youth minutes will definitely be on the books. But I think they'd rather see various combinations of THT, Ochai, Sexton Lauri, Kessler and KO the rest of the way. They dont want to assess the rookies in a vacuum, but instead see how they mesh with the pieces we are likely to keep (if KO is a keeper to them) while also putting them in the best possible position to succeed. JC might be headed to bench role though.. but again its not to tank but to give proper run to the others and assess potential starting lineups for next year to identifiy the weakest spots.
I have no idea what FO will do. I think they have a plan but once a better opportunity comes up they'll immediately scrap it. Like the Rudy and DM trade.the returns was just too good. I'm wondering is what they will do with that cap space. Jc might be gone , Sexton might not be part of the future due to his injuries and the rise of tht. There's not much interesting FA.
They said we open minutes for young guns. OK. but for what price - giving up assets like Beasley, Vande, picks, and making Wolves better giving them Conley.
Wasn't there any better deal for that kind of packages? Couldn't they convince LAL for not protect 1-4.
They had to say something and we will never know, but this trade is awful
This interview was awesome. I really enjoyed the DA portion.

He philosophy is talent and best player available. He mentioned he doesn't necessarily buy into the idea of complimentary players but more of acquiring really talented players that can do multiple things and allowing them to figure out how to sacrifice for winning. So in the draft we will likely take the most talented player available regardless of position.

DA also mentioned the fact that our next step is to become a 50-win team which he said isn't easy. So our plan is to be available with our assets when players become available. So I do feel our plan is really open and currently it is to aggressively pursue improvements in the offseason, draft and trade deadline.
Then why didn’t this get done in the off-season we ****ed that up.

So, we either making big moves or tanking. Lol
Tank fanatics should be the ones answering that first question. My answer is clear, there never was a tank and still isnt.

If you trust the front office, the build up is next on the agenda starting this offseason... but ofc depending on who is available and for what price.