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SLC Dunk - Utah Jazz vs Cleveland Cavaliers: preview, start time, injury report


James Hansen

Utah Jazz v Cleveland Cavaliers

Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz will face the Cleveland Cavaliers minus Donovan Mitchell

The Utah Jazz will face the Cleveland Cavaliers munus Donovan Mitchell tonight in the Delta Center. The Jazz lost Lauri Markkanen for the season recently with his shoulder injury and are on a current 9-game losing streak. It also doesn’t look like that streak will be ending any time soon. Utah has the worst defense in the NBA since trade deadline, and the worst record, which has garnered them a tie with the Brooklyn Nets for 8th in the standings. For Utah, the’ve focused on the development of the youth while also improving their position in the draft. Losing these games will ensure the possibility to secure that 8-spot in the draft when Brooklyn innevitably wins another game. Brooklyn has no incentive to lose right now with their pick going to Houston, but they’ve been so pathetic this season that’s not really a given.

But can we talk about the Donovan Mitchell thing? Mitchell returned from injury in the last Cavaliers game and went 3/12 from the field with a team-worst -27. He also managed to play against Philadelphia where he was 4/13 from the field. Considering he also missed their last meeting because of illness, this has the smell of weak sauce. Utah is not a good defensive team so you’d think Mitchell would be up for the challenge, but maybe he knows he’s not quite there and doesn’t want to face the fans he turned his back on two seasons ago. This wouldn’t be the first time Mitchell doesn’t step up big when things get tough, it also likely isn’t the last time he wilts under pressure like he did in the his playoff tenure with the Jazz.

By the way, for the Cavs fans out there, the outcome for his time in Cleveland is as predictable as his shooting percentage to close games.

Donovan Mitchell remained non-committal on signing an extension with the Cavs after Dan Gilbert's comments:

"I got a lot of things to focus on outside of that right now... So, I’ll handle that when it comes... I'm gonna give you the same answer."

(Video via @CavsInsider_FN) pic.twitter.com/pDbU5PpzAJ

— Erik Slater (@erikslater_) March 30, 2024

Enjoy that, Cleveland!

Game Info

When: April 2 - 7:00 PM MT

Where: Delta Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Watch/Stream at: KJZZ, Jazz+

Listen at: SiriusXM, KSL 97.5 FM

Injury Report


Isaac Okoro - Out

Donovan Mitchell - Out


Lauri Markkanen - Out

Jordan Clarkson - Out

John Collins - Out

No change as of the 3:30 injury report, which means they likely only have available:

George-Dunn https://t.co/t02pXDgrIm

— dan c. (@danclayt0n) April 2, 2024

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