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The Athletic: Jazz Unlikely to Move Royce for 1st Rounder due to Donny Boy


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Need to make Don happy… so there are no excuses when the season begins and he plays like he did the last month of the season and into the playoffs. The backpedaling on this forum will be glorious to watch.


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You babies. The front office wants to stay competitive. A late first likely won't be as good as Royce,and likely wouldn't help any time soon if he did become as good.

Stop crying

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You might be correct and I like Royce more than most on this site in terms of the role he plays. But that is a very different reason for hanging on to Royce than the reason stated - which is not a good reason.


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Depends on where in the draft. Any starter is better than pick 29.
I mean I guess? I just see Bojan about to drop off a cliff and he's an expiring, and Conley is really close to being negative value. Cash them in while you can.

EDIT: Royce shouldn't have to start.