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The Athletic: Jazz Unlikely to Move Royce for 1st Rounder due to Donny Boy


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If Royce can get his knees back to good health it will make a difference. Tendonitis is no joke, and at the same time really hard to get past. I think it really affected his game last season along with the funk they were all in ( to include Snyder) after trader Danny was brought aboard.


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Trade Conley. Trade Royce, cause **** Don. Maybe trade Bogey. Gotta get some picks or assets, some real leadership and balls on this team, all while freeing up some cap space.


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What first rounder though? Lotto pick? Then maybe. Late first rounder? Then hell no. Royce is worth way more than just a late first rounder. Even though Royce ain't no starter in this league, he's a solid rotation /high end bench guy. 70% of the guys selected in late first round never get to that level.
That's also a fair take. If this is just about trading Royce for the 28th pick, then I'm far less than outraged. And that's probably about his market now. At that point as much as I gripe about some of his shortcomings, he still is probably better than that.