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The Knicks are at the Cross Section of Hope and Desperation


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I don't necessarily disagree with anything said here. If the Knicks (or anyone else) offer the godfather package you take it. Problem is that even if there are 29 godfather offers available, the Jazz won't realistically deal Don unless he asks for it.

I also still differ in trade strategy. I guess our main difference is that whether we should take the best offer we can get now or try to drag it out and milk out more assets from NYK. I'm much more willing to let NYK collapse on themselves and become more desperate to give the AD-Godfather type package NOP got by waiting. I feel like that situation is more relevant than the OKC-LAC situation where it could only happen in that exact point in time because of the Kawhi situation.
I am almost praying he actually asks for it, rather than do a Hayward and fool us around until he leaves for nothing.