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The Knicks are at the Cross Section of Hope and Desperation


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No way I do this without getting Barrett back.

Barrett, Toppin and picks. Shoot for Quigley too but he’s not a must.


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If we got 5 unprotected 1st round picks, yes, it sounds super sexy. I'm just saying that if we got the picks, we won't get any valuable players. So probably wouldn't even get Fournier. We'd probably get back Rose, Burks, Kemba, etc.

I think it's a risk.

Or we could say no to that. Acting like we don’t have all the leverage here.


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I am almost praying he actually asks for it, rather than do a Hayward and fool us around until he leaves for nothing.

I don't think he'd ask for a trade until he's hatched a plan. His goal has to be to get to a big market and play with other All Stars. He has to line that up before he says something, or there's a risk that the Jazz will trade him somewhere he doesn't want to go.