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THT Turning The Corner?

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THT turned some kind of corner, did he make a u-turn? Roundabout? Hmmm.
He did a spin move around the corner and slammed into another corner... but that's the thing with THT... he's got another counter... spoiler alert it will be a spin move.

Miami is a tough team. The down payment will have better days.


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Are we gonna do the thing where every game decides THT's destiny as a player?

Because that's gonna be the most entertaining thing for the rest of the season.
I though the most interesting things the rest of the season were draft position and seeing how much Ochai Agbaji improves.

Coach Ellis

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THT is fun. Not sure if he’s ever going to be the PGotF, but I’ve sure as heck enjoyed having him on the team. Hope he sticks around for awhile.

Tremendous Upside

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It's like they created THT in a lab to be the perfect main ballhandler for a tanking team. Entertaining, unpredictable, boneheaded, sometimes inspired, more often blinders on.

His role on a contender? 8th man.