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Wade apparently knows nothing about basketball


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Ya cuz... Mike Brown, Doc Rivers, Stan Van Gundy... are just excellent coaches...

Pop, Phil-J are probably the only 2 great coaches... Sloan has been around a while but with no ringer on the finger he's probably just an above average coach. I'd trade Sloan for a top 10 player any day

Like Boozer?

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If Wade played in Europe, no way could he talks this crap. The fact is, the "franchise" players tend to be the face, personification of their respective teams. Except some coaches like Phil Jackson, Pops, Jerry Sloan, Pitino, Izzo, Riley (when he would coach) etc., you cannot see coaches that prevails in their clubs. There is no term like "franchise player" in Europe. You can rarely see teams that build their teams around a player. Just to help you understand what I try to say, search "Dule" or "Dusko Vujosevic" on Google etc. The coaches are just as important and dominant as star players. Of course there are lots of reasons for that; for example, the broadcasting sector, advertisement sector which are not as developed in Europe as in US. However, it's a different discussion.

I believe that the NBA being a star-oriented, money-driven and entertainment-driven league hampers the appreciation of importance of coaching. I do not know whether you have ever watched a Fenerbahce-Galatasaray, Partizan-Redstar Beograd, REal Madrid-Barca basketball games but I'm sure after learning about these rivalries, you will going to either call this "holliganism" or question how tough and competitive the "rivalries" between NBA teams is. I think this factor, i.e. difference between "clubs" and "franchises" also might add to the problem of under-appreciaton of coaching.
Coaches are overrated. what did Doc Rivers do before he had those superstars... Nothing.

That's because Kevin Garnett is the real coach of the C's, has been since he got there. Doc Rivers is mediocre at best as a coach, his team just has great players right now that fell into his lap.

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I don't understand what was wrong with Wade. If you don't have the players, a great coach will not matter.

For those that criticize Sloan, do you really think he would not have won a title if he had the players that Phil Jackson has had each time he has won a title. I think Sloan is an awesome coach. He could be better at developing players and confidence but nobody is perfect and that is what you have assistant coaches for.


Not only that as far as the players but...Sloan (as well as Malone, Stockton, Barkley, Ewing, and several other notables), are/were victims of horrible timing. They all were in their hayday during the Jordan era. Don't get me wrong, we had other chances (notably the two yrs Houston won it), but the Rockets weren't chopped liver. Had the Jazz made the finals post Jordan, would Sloan and the Jazz have lost to the Knicks team the Spurs beat in '99? Hell no. How about the Nets teams that the Lakers and Spurs beat? Would Stock/Malone and the 97-98 Jazz teams have lost to them? No way. Proof that timing is everything and yes, i think we could have/should have beaten the Bulls one of the two yrs but thats easy to say now. I don't think the shortened '99 season helped us, given our age and the large amount of games squeezed in which included at times, games 3 nights in a row. You could see the window closed after that.




why shouldn't he be?

He has had the Jazz competitive for 20+ years. He hasn't won because he didn't have the best players in the league at the time. Is that his fault?

There was no sarcasm w/ my statement, players know who the real good coaches in this league are.
Who were the first players to greet Sloan after the loss w/ LA... Fisher & Bryant. How many players praise & reflect back to how he's helped them grown after leaving the team, especially the hard-headed ones...

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jackson is the luckist sob on the planet! and i would too trade slaon for a top ten player or a championship

Phil is not lucky. He is a great coach. Look at how the Lakers did without him with basically the same roster. He makes a difference. I don't think LA has 2 championships with out Phil.


Phil is not lucky. He is a great coach. Look at how the Lakers did without him with basically the same roster. He makes a difference. I don't think LA has 2 championships with out Phil.

When? After Shaq was traded & pre-Gasol?
He's like Joe Torre, both are great at managing superstars' egos & the lucky to have been put in those situations.