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What’s the biggest mistakes the Jazz FO has ever made?

What’s the biggest mistakes the Jazz FO has ever made?

  • Trading Mike Conley to the T’Wolves

  • We don’t make mistakes

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Not drafting Joker when we had a second round pick when he was available. The Jazz traded the pick to Memphis.
What was stupid about that trade had nothing to do with Joker. It was about us trading away that pick to begin with. DL later explained he didn't want too many prospects on the team so he chose cash instead...when we were in the middle of a rebuild. What a stupid reason
Wilkins, Magic, Seikaly, Rose, Conley etc.

I know some of those aren't straight forward, but all turned out bad for Utah.

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I think the biggest mistake of the last decade was actually getting Conley in the first place. The front office spent quite a few assets on the over-the-hill small point guard, including Grayson Allen who would have fit so well going forward. At the Jazz Conley has been either hurt when it counted, or, when healthy, being a poor fit with Mitchell in the tiny no-defense backcourt. This doomed the Gobert-Mitchell Jazz teams. Finally, when the Jazz decided to blow the team, they, predictably, got very little value back by trading him.
Passing on Tony Parker for Raul Lopez when everyone thought we were taking Parker. Because we wanted a guy we could stash for a couple years.
Trading up for Trey Burke.
Losing Hayward for nothing.
Not taking Tony Parker was close, since we were looking for a European PG at that time. But it wasn't the "worst" since having Parker on that 2001 Jazz roster would not make that much of a difference. We were no where near contender status.

The worst "Tony Parker" case would be when we were looking for a shot blocking big man from Europe in 2007 and we picked Fesenko over Marc Gasol, while that Jazz team was ready to contend and all they needed was some much needed rim protection and front court depth. Imagine a lineup of DWill/Mathews/AK/Boozer/Gasol with Millsap/Korver/Brewer/Memo/CJ off bench. And it didn't take much hindsight either. Gasol was the far better prospect and fully established himself in Europe already at the time of 2007 draft(won Spanish MVP one year right after) while Fesenko wasn't even a regular starter on his team due to his poor conditioning and massive weight. Surely the worst draft day decision in franchise history that striped coach Sloan of his last chance to win us a championship.
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