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Youtube videos to pass the time. Add some good ones.


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All of this guy's stuff is great. My favorite of his myriad channels is "Into the Shadows" about really dark **** in history. This one is a bit lighter, tho.

Something else this guy did popped up on my recommendations recently. I'll give this a shot!


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I just found out, reading the comments(on a different copy of this clip), that no original copy of the letter had ever been found. There is a confirmed letter by Ballou, to his wife at same time period, and it’s much more mundane. And I thought that was one of the best moments of that Burn’s doc. Now I’m disappointed to learn that, as I was proud that he was from RI….

I see the earliest copy appears in 1868. The NPS, on its Manassas National Battlefield site, still maintains a full page devoted to Ballou’s “last letter”. I guess not disproven to be written by Sullivan Ballou, but seems unlikely.
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