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The now looks good. The future looks great.

What a time to be a Utah Jazz fan! After a fun-filled All-Star weekend that included Donovan Mitchell bringing home the first (of many) hardware in his career, we now have a few days off to prepare for the rest of the season.


I’ll start off with an outlook on the remainder of the season. The Utah Jazz sit at 30-28 and are on an 11 game winning streak. They may be 10th in the west but they are only 2.5 games from the fifth seed. Every game matters as we push through the remaining 22 games.

Here’s a nice little Western Conference Post All-Star Break preview per @FiveThirtyEight’s win probability as of today... pic.twitter.com/ljqxjBZk8u

— Landon Parker (@parelkid) February 16, 2018

Crazy. As of right now FiveThirtyEight projects the following at season’s end:

  1. Rockets 62-20
  2. Warriors 61-21
  3. Timberwolves 48-34
  4. Thunder 47-35
  5. Spurs 47-35
  6. Jazz 46-36...
(KUTV) The Utah Jazz have reached the All-Star break with an 11 game win streak and while fans rejoice, one person can't seem to enjoy it. Dennis Lindsey. The Jazz General Manager was swamped by the demands of the trade deadline and the nature of the job. David James sat down with the GM to ...

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Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell has won the NBA All-Star Saturday Slam Dunk contest, putting together a four-dunk rotation that included two dunks in the Jazz alternate jerseys, a Darrell Griffith throwback and a Vince Carter jersey.

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If you're doubting Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell's readiness for this weekend's Verizon Slam Dunk Contest, then just stop. Stop it. I said stop it. Oh, so you won't stop? That's cool, but go ahead and watch what Mitchell just did early in tonight's NBA Rising Stars Challenge, when the rookie out of ...

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After tearing off 11 wins in a row, Utah is 1.5 games out of the playoffs.


Will the Utah Jazz ever lose again? With their 107-97 win over the Phoenix Suns last night, The Jazz have extended their streak to eleven games. They currently sit at 30-28, and are just a game a a half back of being in the playoffs. They enter All-Star weekend as the NBA’s hottest team, and sit in great position to make a run at the playoffs in the next coming weeks.

The crazy thing about this winning streak, is that the Jazz have won in about every way possible. They have had nights when they shoot lights out and score 120+ points. They have also had nights where they shoot 29 percent from three (last night) and still grind out wins. Good teams figure out how to win games. The Jazz were not doing that for the first half of their games this season, but have appeared to figure out how to pull out wins in various situations.

[​IMG] Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

The Jazz are hoping to get Ricky Rubio back from a hip injury as soon as possible, as well as the return of Dante Exum from his shoulder injury that has kept him out of the season so far. Staying healthy will be a huge factor in the Jazz’s playoff chances.