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With news breaking that the Memphis Grizzlies would finally be willing to hit the reset button on their franchise, teams around the Association had to perk up at the thought of going after Memphis’ most veteran players.

Sure, they may not be in their mid-20’s anymore, but guys like Marc Gasol (15.3 ppg, 8.5 rpg) and Mike Conley (19.8 ppg, 6.1 apg) are still good enough to catapult a team from one tier to the next, take them from on-the-cusp to breaking through it, transform them from first-round fodder to hosting a first-round series.

We already discussed a few potential landing spots for Gasol last week; today, we take a look at where Conley could wind up if Memphis does go through with trading him, which it appears they are quite open to.

Despite his age (31), Conley is still one of the better point guards the league has to offer. His ability to run an offense, especially in the halfcourt, isn’t matched by many. Also, it’s not like he can only can he set up teammates for easy baskets; he’s a very able bucket-getter in his own right.

Although Conley’s deal is massive (five years, $152.6 million), the contract only has two seasons left on it after this campaign. And considering he’s still so productive, as well as with how little he depends on athleticism to do his damage, it’s easy to foresee his game aging quite well over the next few years, two factors which make his contract look less daunting.

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The Utah Jazz have been a team interested in trading for Otto Porter.

The Washington Wizards could be more aggressive in shopping Porter if they fall out of playoff contention.

Porter has a player option in the 2020 offseason.

The Wizards, however, have made it abundantly clear they will not trade Bradley Beal.

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The Utah Jazz’s Joe Ingles joins The Woj Pod to discuss his success in trash talking, why he’s so irritating to opponents, the remarkable growth of his game, Donovan Mitchell, EuroLeague basketball and why he buys sneakers at Nordstrom’s.

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The Australian doesn’t care who is in his path, he’s going to speak his mind.

Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles is one of the NBA’s most underappreciated trash-talking, fight-starting, drain-a-three-in-your-face-and-whisper-sweet-nothings-to-you-about-it players of all time. The 6’8 Jazz forward has a doughy build and the face of a non-athletic passerby, which makes his brashness all the more hilarious and unexpected. It’s why Utah loves him.

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