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    Khamzat "The Wolf" Chimaev

    Apparently Chiamev feels better, is training and might be set for a Nick Diaz return.
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    Who has a YouTube Channel here?

    When you make it, I will tell people this: “ You know, I was mentioned in one of his channel’s earliest videos in which he drew lottery for Fantasy Draft. [takes a sip from ale] Yup. “
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    Game Thread Mar 22, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Bulls

    He recorded 15 blocks against the Nets in 1993. But back then, they called this "But it's the Nets so it does not count". And Shaq's next closest was 9 blocks 2 times so what Rudy did is really historical in its own sense. On another note, Mark Eaton had 16 yes sixteen games (14 two times, 12...
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    Game Thread Mar 14, 2021 02:00PM MT: Jazz at Warriors

    I think the only problem in this team is not convincing Mitchell's mind that he does not have to be the carrier of the team when things are not going well. Media pushes this idea a lot and getting rid of that mentality would help the Jazz play more relaxed and move the ball naturally as they're...
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    Game Thread Mar 14, 2021 02:00PM MT: Jazz at Warriors

    Anyone got a certain kind of link that he thinks could be PM'able to my inbox? (To moderation: Hey now it is not what you think!) (To the others: ;) my man)
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    Khamzat "The Wolf" Chimaev

    He announced his retirement. :(
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    Game Thread Feb 26, 2021 6:00PM MT: Jazz at Heat

    4/17? When it's not your night, you need to stop trying at one point.
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    Shaq thread

    Hi, I was away for a time, I was unable to find it, can you help me which is the thread we offload on Shaq?
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    Shake it off big guy! Makes you think was one of those flu-like symptoms or the intense influenza spread most of my household had during 2019 Covid-19 or not when I'm not tested. There were major talks of a wide spread of some intense influenza in 2019 autumn and the symptoms were so strong that...
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    Joe Biden - 46th President!

    US dodged a big one, gratz. Even for undecided Trump voters who don't know what would hit'em.
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    UFC: Khabib vs Gaethje

    What a fight and what a dramatic ending. This fight made me respect both fighters even more. Great great stuff in so many ways. I just wish Gaethje was not so much as excited and was his usual pressuring attitude instead of staying on an alert mode for any takedown attempt coming his way. If...
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    UFC: Khabib vs Gaethje

    One of his biggest advantages was how easy it was for him to take the opponents down, whereas I always saw Gaethje defend take down attempts automatically against wrestlers. And Justin's kicks are deadly, has devastating pressure. Gonna be an interesting one. Like both fighters attitudes very much.
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    UFC: Khabib vs Gaethje

    Anyone watching this?
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    Khamzat "The Wolf" Chimaev

    Explosive af. Not digging the attitude as much tho.
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    Trump has the Rona !

    even if it's for real or it is an election move to play the broken, beaten but victorious, if he recovers, it appears to be a perfect timing for his quarantine to end and shift a lot of undecided minds.