1. colton

    Quotes from around the NBA on Gobert's block of Jokic's hook shot

    How do you not love Nuggets fans?
  2. colton

    Quotes from Spurs (II)-"The jazz are meanies"

    How is it possible for Rockets fans and Spurs fans to be so different when Houston and San Antonio are less than 200 miles apart? These guys are respectful, knowledgeable, appreciative of good basketball, not whiners, and yes actually likeable!
  3. colton

    The Lakers are Going to End up as the #7 Seed

    Neither did Locke.
  4. colton

    JazzFanz Awards - First Team All-JazzFanz (Finals)

    You should have been a physicist. :)
  5. colton

    Reverse Pet Peeves

    Hiking is good stuff. I need to do a lot of that this summer.
  6. colton

    JazzFanz Awards - First Team All-JazzFanz (Finals)

    Uh, oh a whole bunch of people tied for the fifth spot. What's the tie-breaker?
  7. colton

    2021 JazzFanz Awards - Thread of the Year

    Ahem. There are 12,413 posts in this thread, not sure how it didn't make your top 10 list: https://jazzfanz.com/threads/the-official-lets-impeach-trump-thread.113221/
  8. colton

    2021 JazzFanz Awards - ROY

  9. colton

    Utes looking to hire Alex Jensen

    Fantastic! Great for both the Jazz and for BYU.
  10. colton

    Quotes from Grizzlies (game I)-"Playing the Jazz 3 times in one week should be illegal"

    That one completely cracked me up for some reason.
  11. colton

    2020-2021 Western Conference Regular Season Prediction Contest

    Dang this last update killed me.
  12. colton

    Stupid Pet Peeves

    Yes, by all means call and complain. Insist they book you on the earlier flight.