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May 25, 2010
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    1. Eenie-Meenie
      Colton, I just finished my ninth book. While I haven't had 200K books sold, I'm still working to advance my career:

      Oh, I didn't want to put this on board. But I feel I can trust you; this is also to let you know that I am not some crazy person like some people here try to paint me -- yeah, a little eccentric, I plead guilty. But my intentions are good.
      1. colton
        Pretty cool!
        Apr 30, 2018
    2. addictionary
      You're welcome.
    3. colton
      Gee, I wonder.
    4. UB
      What's the big deal with a picture of a moon, big C?
    5. write4u
      Well, not just yet. I have talked with a few people tonight and they I'm on the right track about some of my issues. The One Brow thing simply relates to the effect that Aint had on the civility of this board. And the fact that it was a mod who caused this, stirred up the pot, so to speak, without anyone knowing shows malicious intent, I think.

      Please review the thread on Gays in General discussion with the dialogue between One Brow and Aint and you will see what I mean. Doesn't it seem suspicious to you? Just for a minute, just visualize One Brow as someone with a multiple personality.
    6. write4u
      Colton, please remove my profile. I no longer want to post here. I probably will continue to come to the site to read the latest news, but I cannot take these ******** on here any longer. It's a waste of my time and energy. And if you delete my profile, it will help me resist the temptation to post.

      Sincerelyu, TC
    7. write4u
      Colton, the crap continues and I've reported and will continue to report them from now on, unless you do something, or ban me. There is no reason to allow this to continue.
    8. TroutBum
      So, you've been 'pending' my friendship request for some time now... Have you made your choice? I haven't slept in weeks.
    9. Saint Cy of JFC
    10. TroutBum
      Brother Colton,

      Be my friend? Please?
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    "There aren’t enough tax cuts and judges in the world to justify a president who stands on the stage with Vladimir Putin and sides against America’s intelligence community; who ignores, if not invites, foreign interference in our elections and normalizes unprecedented levels of corruption and incompetence; who abdicates moral leadership both at home and abroad; who lies and obstructs justice and then lies about obstructing justice." --