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    NBA playoffs, info from Woj

    Do we know the timeline for Bojans return? I don’t think I’m up to date but if practices start July 31st, for what was it a 20 day period, and then we have 8 play in games, that’s quite a bit of time to recover. Wonder if there’ll be any chance to sign or trade players under these unique...
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    Post Your Gobert or Mitchell Trade Ideas

    Rudy for Paul George. Pick up Baynes/Favors in free agency. Would love to get crowder or a similar player to bring some toughness to the bench. Starting: Donovan PG Royce Bogdanovic Baynes Bench: Clarkson/Conley Ingles Niang Favors Solid starting defensive lineup with outstanding scoring...
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    2020 NBA trade deadline discussion

    Haven’t seen it talked about (in my brief scroll thru). Just saw the ringer article, thoughts on a Conley, Paul swap? Feel like both teams say no, but I kind of like it.
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    Shorthanded Denver vs Jazz 8:30 MST.

    My poor take of the week: give Mudiay Conleys minutes.
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    2020 Presidential election

    Yes you’re right roughly 35-45% of University costs are payed by the public already. Tuition pays for about 45-50%. And I see what you’re saying about wealth vs aptitude. I’ve dealt with that and I found plenty of opportunities to be successful at University, plenty. For those who want to get an...
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    2020 Presidential election

    I agree with you, the defense budget is too great as well. Common Ground! As for the tuition free education, it’s incredibly unethical. I’m a year away from finishing my degree, it’s been a privilege that I will continue to pay for for the next couple years. This is not a right, that the...
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    2020 Presidential election

    Hey if she wins I hope you’re right.
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    2020 Presidential election

    Free college is not moderate. 1.25 trillion dollar debt elimination is not moderate
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    2020 Presidential election

    Hahah I don’t think Trump will win, I hope we get a moderate.
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    2020 Presidential election

    Let’s just pray is not Bernie or Warren
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    If we win tomorrow, we’re in second place.

    2-seed Jazz get at least 2 all stars, just keep on winning
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    Want To Win Some Money? Take The Knicks On Wednesday Night

    We really need to stop giving participation trophies to kids
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    All Aboard the 2019-2020 Trans UJ Express Championship Trolley

    Number 1 in the west and this team isn’t even close to playing to it’s potential. Please just don’t lose to the kings tonight
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    Fox News tiring of Trump?

    Ho Yeah no solid progress yet but I’m glad that it’s in the conversation now. I think we can both agree that that is good, and who knows maybe something will come out of it. That’s the point I was trying to make. As for Laissez-faire, there are downsides but there are enormous upsides...
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    Fox News tiring of Trump?

    https://ustr.gov/sites/default/files/enforcement/301Investigations/301%20Report%20Update.pdf Abstract: "On August 14, 2017, the President instructed the U.S. Trade Representative to determine under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 19741 whether to investigate China’s laws, policies, practices, or...