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  • You can come back if you agree to not attack mods or any other poster. I edited your abusive messages to make light of the situation. If you agree to act civil then you are welcome back by me.
    I did not personally edit a single thing you wrote in chat nor did I ask anyone else to. To the best of my knowledge GVC does not have the power to do so either.
    Rev 9 banned you for abusive language in chat. I suggest you talk to him about it. Considering the things you wrote to me in chat and given my life situation I'm not particularly sympathetic.
    Yo. I have moved from the US to another country, Canada. I can return anytime I want, but would prefer to stay here. I'm not the one tooting the "we're the best" horn, and I think that's one of the biggest problems with America today. Democracy, freedom, liberty, etc. are not terminal points. They are to be worked toward vigilantly. Unfortunately, most Americans are too dumb, fat and happy, and would rather keep their heads lodged as far up their respective asses as possible than work for anything.
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