1. jope

    Game Thread Apr 10, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Kings

    Had to look it up since I was thinking the same thing last night. He’s in a pretty horrendous slump, considering he basically has one job on offense which is to spot up from 3. 1 of 21 (4.7%) from 3 in April.
  2. jope

    Quotes from Blazers' forums-"If you don’t like third quarter collapses, you don’t like Blazers basketball"

    Leave it to a Portlander to call the coach’s challenge a “protest”, haha.
  3. jope

    Quotes from Blazers' forums-"If you don’t like third quarter collapses, you don’t like Blazers basketball"

    I’ll cut em some slack, I live in Portland. We just got through our 5 months straight of dreary rainy and riots in one the most locked-down cities in Covid America. If I didn’t have jazz wins streaks I’d be pretty surly too.
  4. jope

    Fixing Donovan

    Since coming back from injury Jazz are 2-3 in games Mike plays. Mike himself has been decent but something is happening there across the team.
  5. jope

    Fixing Donovan

    This is definitely the point in the season where teams are throwing different coverages at the Jazz too. Really trying to break the 3pt barrage, and Donovan shoots more off the bounce than most the others on the roster, which is usually the first domino to drop in % if your name isn't Steph or...
  6. jope

    March of the HYDRA!!

    Wow the floor of this team based on yalls predictions is 8-5 for 62% win%? we are really good.
  7. jope

    RJ still loves us

    RJ has consistently praised the Jazz for years. He's a breath of fresh air in that industry tbh.
  8. jope

    *OFFICIAL* 17 on 26, Donovan Mitchell is the Monta Ellis watch thread

    yeah, I mean 3 is worth more than 2. Even while declining at the rim, his eFG% & TS% are career highs this year because his 3pt shooting is considerably improved.
  9. jope

    Comparing the Utah Jazz to the 2017 Warriors (Sports Illustrated)

    Even if predecessors were a valid way to discern our chances at the finals (not).. 3/7 teams making it means we would have a 43% chance at the finals? That’s great
  10. jope

    Point God Donovan Mitchell

    From the article “Of the three times he’s reached his current regular season career-high of 46 points, two of them came in contests where Mitchell started at PG.” wasn’t his 57 point game also when Mike was forced to miss game 1?
  11. jope

    Should the Jazz Have 3 All-Stars?

    Mike is certainly deserving this year, but it would be DeMar or Zion before Conley. Hell I could even see Murray getting the nod over Conley with some recency bias from his brilliance in the bubble.
  12. jope

    Game Thread Feb 07, 2021 11:00AM MT: Jazz at Pacers

    Jazz are about to face a major gantlet these next couple weeks, hopefully Conleys injury doesn’t linger.
  13. jope

    Do Rudy or Donovan start in the All-star game?

    You have to be voted into the starter role and no one is voting a jazzman in this year, regardless of our record.
  14. jope

    Did Mitchell peak last year?

    You frame all this as if it he is wildly in career low territory.... His FG is career low at .431, his previous career low was .432 in 2019 and .437 before that His career high of 3.1 TOs is slightly more than his previous career marks of 2.8, 2.7, and 2.7 his scoring (23.4) is again (slightly)...
  15. jope

    January 26 2021: Should The Jazz Even Be Allowed To Play The Knicks?

    this team is deep... DM + BB + JC combined to shoot 10/41 and we still won by 14? sheesh