1. jope

    Last good song you listened to?

    yeah I think I listened to the Deconstruction album on repeat for like a week when it came out. Big fan of the proggy prog. SYL is there for when you just want to feel brutal for a minute.
  2. jope

    Last good song you listened to?

    Nobody crushed the Skullet like my boy Devin
  3. jope

    Coronavirus in China

    My coffee bills have gone up though since that free office coffee is off the table lol
  4. jope

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

    yep, software engineer at the WHQ (from home now)
  5. jope

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

    for what its worth, theres a dev in my engineering squad at Nike, who has a BS from Stanford and a masters from MIT, and he's pretty clueless about a lot of things
  6. jope

    Stimulus Checks

    I live on the west coast, i wish my mortgage payment was ~$1400 lol
  7. jope

    My Quarantine

    A person on my wife's unit (RN at a NICU) that she worked closely with just tested positive for Covid, so now my whole family is up next...
  8. jope

    Mudiay interview on virus

    It’s definitely something we can’t see. Maybe Rudy is just a total dick behind the scenes or something. I prefer to not assume and it would be crazy to think they’d so throw him under the bus for no reason
  9. jope

    Kendrick Perkins Said Jazz Would Be #1 Seed In East

    Perk was on the broadcast almost the whole game in Boston, he was actually pretty damn entertaining.
  10. jope

    Coronavirus in China

    last I had read there were no confirmed cases of children under 9, so that it something to keep an eye on for sure. Doesn’t necessarily mean they are immune, perhaps just experience more mild symptoms, therefore not prompting a dr visit/diagnosis.
  11. jope

    Coronavirus in China

    Id say the tougher thing for me personally is sending my kids off to school where I know for a fact that: 1) there are confirmed cases of the virus within a quarter mile of my house 2) my kids are unsanitary little devils that inevitably put things in their mouths, don’t wash their hands...
  12. jope

    Coronavirus in China

    To be transparent, the first US death was reported today, but I largely agree with you. And this is coming from someone who has a COVID-19 patient housed at the hospital down the road from his house (I live in the Portland metro area, where cases are now starting to pop up).
  13. jope

    Getting diddled by Hayward: a game thread

    We’re 4-8 since the rockets laid out the blueprint to beat us. Time to figure it out or it’s going to be a long hard end to the season.
  14. jope

    What is Wrong with Donovan?

    Locke made a comment in a recent podcast that Donovan has mentioned since being named an all star he hasn’t been having fun playing basketball. All the stuff that comes as expectations with stardom are likely starting to weigh on him.
  15. jope

    Calm yourselves

    You conveniently left out that those teams were missing: Harden, Westbrook, Capella, Aldridge, Murray, Millsap, Harris and Plumlee.