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    Kendrick Perkins PSA for Utah Jazz

    "With a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side." Go **** yourself, Perkins. This clown makes Jalen Rose look like a basketball genius. Forget the phone number... for a good time Google Kendrick Perkins is a moron and enjoy the many humorous (yet true) search results.
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    Dante Exums new book coming soon - "50/7 easiest way to heaven"

    I read the book. It's a Choose Your Own Adventure Book. Here's a preview: ...and the defender falls for your pump fake! ...If you drive to the basket Turn to page 131 ...If you shoot a jumper Turn to page 131 ...If you pass the ball to Donovan Turn to page 131 (PAGE 131) Whoops! You injured...
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    Game Thread May 08, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Rockets

    The deep bench will get good minutes in this one. Forrest is looking more and more comfortable and hopefully Matt Thomas gets some minutes so we can see him score in volume.
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    Game Thread May 07, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Nuggets

    Nice win. Like I said when the injury went down, even without Murray the Nuggets are still a playoff-caliber team. Both teams shot really well - the difference is we won the turnover battle.
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    Azubuike is back from his injury

    A dramatization of Udoka scoring on Jokic:
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    Azubuike is back from his injury

    The Nuggets are doomed!
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    Game Thread Apr 28, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Kings Official

    I know this is the Kings but what the heck? There was some Utah Rage going on. Our bench shot 29-41. Favors with 11 boards (5 offensive) in 12 minutes. And Matt Thomas:
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    What Became of Player Development?

    What's wild is Donovan and Udoka are the only 1st round guys on the roster we've drafted the past few seasons. The next earliest pick we drafted who's still on the roster is freaking Rudy. All other players have either been traded or let go. As far as the undrafted, 2nd rounders go... yeah -...
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    Game Thread Apr 24, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Wolves

    Snyder, meet Ersan. He's who you give Bogie's minutes to when Bogie shoots like ****.
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    Game Thread Apr 26, 2021 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Wolves

    The Jazz are embarrassing us like a clueless parent who shows up wearing a fanny pack and New Balance shoes. How we're down 2 is heartening as this game has been an overflowing toilet commandeered by Rodney Hood.
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    Phoenix Suns watch

    My teacher told me not to look at the sun.
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    Game Thread Apr 24, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Wolves

    A loser loss against a loser team. The Jazz should be embarrassed. Also, I feel like we could lead the league in offensive boards by a wide margin if Rudy and Favs weren't the only two players who attempted to get in position for a rebound.
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    Game Thread Apr 24, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Wolves

    On pace for 160 points. Bogey ballin'.
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    Game Thread Apr 21, 2021 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Rockets

    That was a pummeling. The end of the bench played 'meh' but at least they got some playing time. They should have some more opportunity against the Wolves X2
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    Game Thread Apr 21, 2021 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Rockets

    Was anyone who's currently on the Rockets roster on the team two seasons ago? I know the majority of the roster wasn't. I think their talent level is better than their record is though it's undoubtedly not easy to have any chemistry or stability when players haven't been there long - it's a...