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    Jalen Rose, Pail Pierce, Jay Williams comment on Donovan

    I trust Rudy sticking around more than I trust Mitchell sticking around. If Mitchell doesn't sign an extension after offered one, trade him.
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    You Jazz Don't Want To Play The New Melo

    To give us a break from you.
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    You Jazz Don't Want To Play The New Melo

    Do you go on other team forums and post this drivel for attention?
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    Following Potential 2020 draftees

    If DL was all about Smith you're right - he wouldn't though we traded down when NJ wanted Whitehead. I think DL would trade down if he liked a few guys and wanted to get another pick. I simply suggested trading down because I wanted an extra pick so we could potentially draft Quickley or...
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    Following Potential 2020 draftees

    It's wild the NBA Draft will be occurring a few weeks before Halloween. I would love it if we traded back a few picks( for a later 1st and a mid-2nd) and were able to take Jalen Smith and with the 2nd Quickley. Of course if DL doesn't see anything he absolutely loves I don't think he'll have...
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    Donovan should temporarily change his number in remembrance of George Floyd

    I want to see a NBA player have 'Hong Kong' on the back of his jersey so Adam Silver can crap his pants.
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    Mavs Sign Trey Burke

    Burke was actually not bad when he played for the Mavs. Yeah, the guy has a bad attitude and his mom's a clown but he can contribute off the bench and isn't as awful as some JF posters claim. He can score and he isn't a turnover machine. He was just a bad fit for the Jazz.
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    The unrepentant Rudy Gobert support thread

    I feel like Rudy is loyal to this organization and is fine with staying. All the front office needs to do is surround him with a good team who gives effort and give him the ball from time to time and he's happy.
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    We Need to Sign Brantley

    What do you think would be a good deal that Brantley would sign? Let's say it would be for 4 years; assuming he'll be a RFA at the end of the deal as well.
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    Off-season 2020 Conley Trade Ideas

    I feel like Clarkson is a good bet. He was super consistent off the bench and can actually play in our system. He just turned 28 and I've been a Clarkson homer for a while so do it, Utah.
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    Off-season 2020 Conley Trade Ideas

    Conley and 2 1sts for Grayson Allen ;)
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    Joe Jesus

    "Grandpa Johnson for three!" Got it!
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    Bleacher: Gobert + Royce for Dinwiddie, Allen, LaVert

    This is one of those trades where at first-glance it seems better than it actually is.
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    Favs Reunion

    Savor the Favors like the last Werthers Original. Royce is probably like Please be true. I'm tired of playing ****ing power forward! PS. Favors is still only 28. More awesomeness left in the tank.
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    Will Rudy get the D-Will Treatment?

    I just imagined Rudy walking through the park with Donovan on his shoulders (Mitchell's wearing a Mickey ears hat and is eating a $20 ice cream cone). When Mitchell says something Rudy doesn't like Rudy walks underneath a low-hanging sign and it smacks Mitchell in the face, to which Rudy...