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    The Season is Over!

    No, not correct at all... As was previously mentioned, he can't wave a magic wand and make his desires reality in this situation. If it's ignored, the virus will spread even more and will probably mutate depending on the speed of transmission. That will make it more difficult to develop...
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    A couple statistical trends -- interpret as you want

    Since Mitchell learned he made the All Star game, he's struggled and Gobert to a much lesser extent (more inconsistent) as well. Ever since Stockton and Malone stopped being the Jazz representatives, it seems like making the team for Jazz players has stunted their growth and made them almost...
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    I'm really hoping Conley has the best run of his career to end this year and put the Jazz over the top, but I've always wondered how he warranted such a massive contract. Perhaps the Grizzlies have a harder time than the Jazz getting free agents and felt they had to overpay to keep good players...
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    I don't know if Mike Conley would want to be at the center of that club... In fact, that doesn't sound like much fun to be had at that club. Almost made a pretty graphic joke about his dread locks... too much scarring from that mental image. Wonder if Masha Kirilenko had a membership to one...
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    MVP Spida?

    Let's see if he even makes the West All Star team. I think so, but probably coming off the bench. There's an unspoken rule the MVP must be a starter on their AS squad, so it seems. I'm pretty sure Karl Malone started the AS game his MVP seasons.
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    NBA power rankings- Utah Jazz

    Also, can somebody please tell me why so many people are so high on the Clippers? They're next at 21% which is quite a jump up from the Lakers at 12% and Jazz at 7%. Okay, so they picked up Kawhi, but outside of him and Paul George, who is a badass? Harrell is looking good, Lou Williams is still...
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    NBA power rankings- Utah Jazz

    How the f*** do the Bucks have a 24% chance of winning the Finals? I trust Darryl Morey and his hard on for Harden algorithms a little bit more... the Bucks are seemingly weaker than last year since losing their 2nd best player in Brogdan.
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    All Aboard the 2019-2020 Trans UJ Express Championship Trolley

    A good sign is remembering this iteration of the Jazz have been traditionally slow starters in the regular season. Not until after New Year's do they start clicking and go on extended winning streaks. I believe the last 2-3 years, at this time, the record was .500 at best. When this team starts...
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    Come December, Trade with Knicks

    Morris. Judging by the sample size we have at this point (throw out the Sac anomaly) the losses have been to the LA teams (with LeBron & Kawhi). If the Jamzz want to win it all this year, gotta find an answer for those two. Rebounding is an effort stat, that's why Westbrook @ 6'3" averages...
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    5 best Kyrie Irving trade scenarios (Jazz mentioned)

    Damn fine list? Seems put together about as quickly as it could be written. Among others, I'll just mention one complete omission of LaMarcus Aldrige. That is, unless you all agree players like Griffin and Horford are far better...
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    Poll: Should the Jazz Match Hayward's $15.75 a year/4 year Contract?

    https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2013/10/18/4854170/derrick-favors-contract-extension-utah-jazz Favors' representatives and the Jazz have reportedly been working on a deal for several months and the two sides were able to come to an agreement less than two weeks before the Oct. 31 deadline. If...
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    Open Practice Review

    I know, that's why I liked your post ;)
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    Poll: Should the Jazz Match Hayward's $15.75 a year/4 year Contract?

    Ya know, with that being said, it really is hard to assess players under the Corbin regime.
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    Poll: Should the Jazz Match Hayward's $15.75 a year/4 year Contract?

    You think the Jazz weren't prepared to offer Favors more $? (Ir)Regardless(Boozer), that's what they offered him. If the Jazz match the offer, they will in effect be offering Hayward that ridiculous contract. Think about where you work...Your company gives you a raise and you accept it. Your...
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    Poll: Should the Jazz Match Hayward's $15.75 a year/4 year Contract?

    In fact, a wise GM should do the opposite of a few franchises and they'll come out winners. Charlotte is included in that group.