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    Game Thread Jul 30, 2020: Utah Jazz vs New Orleans Pelicans

    To nit pick, the Jazz didn't let Favors walk, they traded him so he could make his last year contract money (think it is 16mil) and get him on a team where he'd get more playing time. But yes the Jazz miss his size, athleticism and toughness (he had a quiet toughness about him).
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    Game Thread (Scrimmage) Jazz @ Suns.......or Suns@Jazz BASKETBALL IS BACK!!!!

    Mitchell is the only player to play well IMO. Conley did have a good 3rd Qtr and Ingles had a few good plays and his usual passing up wide open or open shots too often. The only thing that is concerning is the rebounding and defense BUT NOT because of this ONE SCRIMMAGE game more so because it...
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    Jazz Scrimmage Schedule in Orlando, July 22 - 28

    So I'm sure most of you saw the scrimmages will be playing 10min qtrs (like Summer League) and as posted above they will be broadcast on AT&T Sportsnet (the normal Jazz station). However with these games starting in 3 days or 2 if you don't want to count today, will this thread be the "Game...
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    Memphis Mike returns

    maybe it had more to do with the upcoming birth of his baby and didn't want to have to worry about any possible extra precautions with everything going on and hospitals having tighter/more restrictions.
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    Don/Rudy ESPN Article

    If I was just to read this thread and not the article I would think it was a bad news inside. However I did read it yesterday as the Jazznews on IG recommended it and I was encouraged buy it. I mean it did have things in it that made me realize there was a bit more too it then I thought there...
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    Songs by commercial artists that weren’t singles but could have been

    This thread is or has gotten way too serious and sad undertones. Let me remedy that.
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    Please read this! SLC Dunk- Black Lives Matter

    Okay well this thread happened huh? I will start with something that shouldn't even be in this thread, Donovan's reaction on social media. I will say something that I say often, people see what they want to see. Those same people upset with him were the same ones upset with him with the...
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    Bojan situation

    Not saying it we see it in the playoffs but what I imagine the Jazz FO (and mine) hope or dream scenario for the rookie trio of Brantley, Oni and JWF would be is. <Not comparing their games directly just the type of role for the Jazz> Brantley = Crowder. Toughness, rebounding and...
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    Kings and Grant Napear part ways over All Lives Matter comment..

    Is he the dude that would say or had the catch phrase something like "if you don't like that you don't like NBA basketball"
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    Best stuff on Netflix

    I don't feel like going back through this entire thread but I think someone(s) were talking about Castle Rock and I believe how it related to Outsider? I didn't get to finish Castle Rock almost got done with the first season, will prolly sign up for the Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+ to fnish...
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    Don Issue 1's $50

    Yeah and your face looks like it owes me $50, so how about you buy me a pair and we call it even.
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    Season heading towards returning

    For the record I would go into any restart of the season with not having any real expectations and would watch for the sheer joy of having sports to watch. It's not apples to apples but similar to the season of the AK led team the year after S&M were no longer on the team and just came up short...
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    Season heading towards returning

    I would guess or bet just because of the current situation and climate the ratings for regular season games would very likely be at an all time high. You have the same people that would watch (like us here) no matter what but then you'd have all the casuals that might only watch a few here and...
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    Knicks hire Walt Perrin as Assistant GM

    I'm hoping this gives the Jazz a trade partner relationship with NYK that JZ and DL can use, cause I was getting tired of all the trades with CLE.
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    Knicks hire Walt Perrin as Assistant GM

    Perrin doesn't make the picks the GM does but obviously he has a lot of input. Also not sure how you could consider Rodney Hood as a bad pick. Hood well out his performed where he was drafted, at 23 you're lucky to get a end of the bench guy if you look at it historically but obviously you...