1. Ron Mexico

    Phoenix Suns watch

    I agree they've been great in the playoffs. I just don't trust a first year playoff team and CP3 in the playoffs. Plus I think they are pushing really hard and are starting to look worn out at a bad time. I wouldn't pick them against a healthy Lakers team. But, we shall see how they do.
  2. Ron Mexico

    Phoenix Suns watch

    They have not been in the playoffs in forever. This current team is in the playoffs for the first time, its hard to care much about them yet. I feel pretty neutral about them. If they play the Lakers in the playoffs I hope they win, since I dislike the Lakers.
  3. Ron Mexico

    Phoenix Suns watch

    I dont really care thats just my guess. Especially if the face the Lakers, or even GS. I dont really like watching CP3 whine all the time but he isnt near my most disliked list. Phoenix has been so irrelevant I just dont really care about them. Its pretty hard to win in your first playoffs as a...
  4. Ron Mexico

    Phoenix Suns watch

    I kind of think Phoenix is going to push really hard to the end and still get the 2nd seed. Then due to CP3's playoff history and being fatigued lose in the first round.
  5. Ron Mexico

    Some eye-popping stats

    It should be a close race to see who scores the second most points for the Jazz this regular season. Bojan is at 1146 and Clarkson is just behind at 1130. Favors will end the regular season with out best net rating per 100 possessions. Gobert is a close second for that. NBA.com Net rating...
  6. Ron Mexico

    Dante Exums new book coming soon - "50/7 easiest way to heaven"

    I hope he gets healthy for his sake, who knows though. That has always been the only issue. I view players different as busts that cant get healthy. But either way so far he has been. Its crazy that he is still only 25, he will have a couple more chances.
  7. Ron Mexico

    Phoenix Suns watch

    No Phoenix still has a harder schedule left. Those two games are a little harder for the Jazz. After that though we have two easy games and they have San Antonio and play 3 games in 3 nights. That's extremely hard way to end the season for them where they have to win them all.
  8. Ron Mexico

    Phoenix Suns watch

    Phoenix plays 4 games in 5 nights to end. 3 games in 3 days. I would be very surprised if they went undefeated through those remaining games. We still have to not let up yet, but it's well within our control. This is awesome! Jazz made the right moves this regular season and had one of the...
  9. Ron Mexico

    Game Thread May 07, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Nuggets

    Sometimes I think Jokic is just a really tall ingles.
  10. Ron Mexico

    Holy piss, the Apollo moon missions were fake?!

    Hmm, that just furthers the proof. Both of you post from a time zone no where close to the usa as well.
  11. Ron Mexico

    Holy piss, the Apollo moon missions were fake?!

    I haven't read most of this because it's not an interesting debate. Quick glance shows @Cosmored is getting owned in every argument, but just posts a bunch more stupid links. I'm not sure what else you would expect fr someone arguing something that dumb though. I'm also almost positive that...
  12. Ron Mexico

    Game Thread May 03, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Spurs

    That would be the opposite. China mainlanders spell that name different. That's a Hong Kong and Taiwan spelling of a popular last name. In mainland china it's spelled Cai.
  13. Ron Mexico

    What Became of Player Development?

    He's made us much better in the regular season this year. We'll see in the playoffs this year if that continues.
  14. Ron Mexico

    Jazz's Remaining Schedule is the Easiest in the League

    538 still predicts Jazz to finish one game ahead of Suns. But unfortunately Jazz have lost most close games and Phoenix has won most of those so I think we will get the 2 seed. To me it's just luck but others think it's some indicator. Phoenix does have a harder schedule left, it really depends...
  15. Ron Mexico

    Game Thread Apr 30, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

    I would be happy if we win this but without our two starting guards it seems a little unlikely. I also dont think the Jazz care about the #1 seed. I could be wrong but everything has pointed towards not caring about it and just prepping for the playoffs.