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Apr 6, 2020 at 6:35 PM
    1. The Fresh Prince
      The Fresh Prince
      Better call Saul!
    2. GoJazz
      You and GVC were changing my words. As far as me being rude to you. You get back what you give the world. So if you don't like what I gave you, you might consider what you are putting out.
    3. GoJazz
      Can I get chat back. You or GVC banned me for whatever reason.
    4. Stifle Tower
      Stifle Tower
      Point taken. I've deleted my post. JUst remove it from your quote and all will be well.
    5. DutchJazzer
      so you found out that university of delft supplies my internet.

      well i'm not
    6. prodigy
      are you interested in being a judge on the decades fantasy draft? looking for 2 mods to be judges
    7. Stifle Tower
      Stifle Tower
      Thanks. So, did you ever decide on a car?
    8. TroutBum
      Well, aren't you a party pooper.
    9. Ostertag>Duncan
      hey guize, wat's going on in here?
    10. Archie Moses
      Archie Moses
      How long did you ban me from jazzfanz chat for my "blatant" and "obvious" homophobic slurs, guy?
    11. sirkickyass
      I've always prided myself on being a Valcheck personally, but I'll settle for simply not being a Marimow.
    12. Get Down
      Get Down
      i'm sorry. sometimes i feel like you're the daniels to my mcnulty, thanks for locking up avon
    13. Get Down
      Get Down
      you're doing a great job of doing absolutely nothing at all, keep up the apathy

      if you're too afraid to ban someone for being a rule skating dick then you shouldn't be a ****ing moderator
    14. sirkickyass

      A) Calm down. You sent me a request on a weekend and then complained about a lack of immediate response less than 24 hours later. My job is not to make you personally satisfied at the time you request.

      B) You were not sanctioned for the same behavior twice. I have checked into your initial infraction and it was for a different private message sent to the user. Two incidents = two infractions.

      C) The recipient of the message reported it to us. We have no ability to root around in the private message boxes unless someone gives us a report, and then we only get the reported private message.

      D) I don't care if you have a "beef" with me.

      E) If you feel you have received a harassing Private Message in the past, feel free to report it.

      You have threatened to quit the boards probably a dozen times while I've been a moderator, but you never leave. Obviously it's not that horrible.
    15. write4u
      I can name some of the ******** on here who should've been banned long ago, starting with JF2814, InnDawn, CrazyEyekilla, McFly, David Stern, just for starters. Their main contribution on the site is to insult people and make sarcastic, non-substantive comments. That's just off the top. My method of dealing with them, my frustration, has gotten me in trouble with you and other moderators. Instead of supporting me, who just wants to talk basketball, you've retaliated against me, which is why I have a beef with you. And the guy I allegedly threatened, I can't recall his name, what did you do to him, who started the insult that resulted in my private response?
    16. write4u
      Sirkick, you still haven't told me why I get two infractions for the same thing ... by the way, these are supposed to be PRIVATE messages, so why are you invading my privacy ... if the other guy complained, he also threatened me. Did you penalize him?
    17. write4u
      Not only that, I've been the one who has been complaining for several years about the crap on here and not the initiator. So, when I give it back to these people, you retaliate against me. That is unfair. I've already stopped posting threads and have only made a few responses since then because of all the jerks that have come to populate this site.
    18. sirkickyass
      Some posters complain we don't moderate enough. Others complain we moderate too much. The reality is that we moderate as much as we moderate and that level hasn't changed much over my entire (2+ year) tenure as a moderator. I think we're fine with where we're at. Other boards can do what they want.
    19. write4u
      Yeah, and why don't you warn him for his constant berating and insulting of me. There's no reason for this type of thing. I didn't start calling anyone names. I complained about their sarcasm and stupidity, yes. But the same happened with JF2814 and Aint ... they directed vicious, obscene remarks towards me. Why did McFly suddenly change his name after all the insults he poured out towards me, to confuse me? You might notice, when I said he was Pennypacker, instead of saying he changed his name, he denied he was that person.

      Listen, Sirkick, you tolerate this stuff and that's why you get the aints and the guys who call people names when they disagree instead of talking basketball. It ruins the board. I've noticed on Realgm, there are people on there who say they stopped posting here because of this. Why don't you clean this crap up?
    20. sirkickyass
      Pennypacker had his username change to McFly with permission from the moderating staff. His old username was discontinued.
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