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    Jeff Green revenge game, 7 pm MST

    Ha ok.
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    Jeff Green revenge game, 7 pm MST

    Who isn’t Harden beating on our team today?
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    Rudy Gobert selected to third team All-NBA

    When will the Jazz ever sign LBJ, Curry, Durant, Harden, Giannis, or Leonard? You are saying you wouldn’t want the Jazz to give the super-max to anyone.
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    Game 3 tactics.

    The playoffs are always a bit of a different animal, but I do agree with that game plan overall.
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    Game 3 tactics.

    So I agree with you here, but to help with context, he shot around 40% in the last 20 games and probably around 44% in the last 10-12 games (too lazy to do math again). So I don't think our defense is necessarily responsible for him shooting better, but clearly it's not helping all that much...
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    Uta vs. Hou: Game 2 off/def strategy change up?

    I agree that was the problem, but I doubt it was the game plan. They should completely shut off his right side, but they were letting themselves get beat badly and not trying to recover.
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    Uta vs. Hou: Game 2 off/def strategy change up?

    Even though I’d rather stick to the scheme that got us to the playoffs, I feel there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the strategy we attempted. 1. Harden has a ridiculous “points per possession” rate when he shoots his step back threes. That means that allowing him to get that shot means that...
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    Gamethread: Game 1 of the 1st Round. Utah Jazz @ Houston Rockets. 7:30 MST

    Let's. Go. Jazz! Been a long weekend working on different projects, but I'm so excited to cap that hard work off with some Jazz playoffs.
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    Utah Jazz @ Atlanta Pigeons- 5:30 MST

    Other than this being how a typical player (or you) would feel, what evidence points to this? Favors seems to be very even-keeled and very happy to be here. I haven’t seen anything in his comments or body language or history that indicates he’d want to leave.
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    Rudy Gobert Western Conference Player of the week!

    Wait how did this become a “our point guards are the worst” thread so quickly?
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    Petition to have Matt Harpring canned

    That’s not how commentating works, but I think Smith could probably do an okay job with play-by-play.
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    Game #60 Clippers at Jazz Feb 27,2019 7pm

    It's possible, but my bet is if he became our starting guard, everyone would turn on him quick. There's no denying that a big part of his charm now is the fact that he comes in and shines in limited minutes. If he started playing against starting quality guards all the time, his weaknesses would...
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    Jazz vs Dallas. The Hangover

    Hey I know this is a long shot, but it looks my DVR is recording the wrong thing for the past two Jazz games. It's college basketball instead, even though it's title/description match the correct Jazz game. Live TV shows the same college basketball as well. Pulling my hair out right now trying...
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    Joe Ingles: Article on Son's Autism Diagnosis

    Shout out to all the people in here siding with science and trying to explain things. It's exhausting work, but I'm glad some of y'all are willing to do it.