2020 All 80’s and 90’s Jazzfanz draft second round: Team 7 vs Team 3.

Who would win a 7 game series?

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Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Team 7
Jason Kidd - Dennis Johnson
Michael Jordan - Bernard King
Paul Pierce - Peja Stojakovic
Shawn Kemp - Detlef Schrempf
Tim Duncan - Jack Sikma


Team 3

C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar // Alonzo Mourning //Kevin McHale
PF: Alonzo Mourning // Kevin McHale // Chuck Person
SF: Clyde Drexler // Toni Kukoc // Chuck Person
SG: Mitch Richmond // Dale Ellis
PG: John Stockton // Rod Strickland

Team 3 writeup

Why my team wins.

team 7 has one of the least experienced teams in this. Paul Pierce is just a rookie prone to mistakes and a bit inefficient as most rookies are. He will most likely be guarding Clyde Drexler, an all time great. There will be an intimidation factor.

Tim Duncan is only a second year player in this, yes he was a very good player in his second year, but in only his second year he isn’t capable of standing up to Kareem’s skyhook. This matchup goes to Kareem, and it’s not really a contest. Yes Duncan won a title that year but was helped by a strike shortened season and having a stacked team. Kareem is at this stage a better player.

2. I’ve created a complete team. I can go full blown 80’s and 90’s style basketball with low post studs in Kareem, Zo, and McHale, three elite post scorers. Team 7’s starting PF, Kemp is soft and a bad defender. He would offer little resistance against against Zo or McHale

3. I can also go small with floor spacers at the 4 in Kukoc and Person. I can put 4 elite 3pt shooters on the floor at one time and light it up. I can play fast opportunistically, and probably boast the best half court offense with the combo of Stockton, and Kareem.

Stockton, Richmond, Person, Kukoc, and Ellis are all great 3pt shooters and can all light it up. Mitch, Ellis, and Person all had years where they shot 4 or more 3’s during the 80’s and 90’s. Ellis, in the 80’s was an elite scorer who was during his time considered by many the best 3pt shooter in the game. Like Korver for the jazz can come in and just hit threes and turn the tide for my team.

4. A complete team. I’ve built an offense that will be very efficient in the half court game. No one ran it better than Stockton, no one was smarter more efficient and mistake free than Stockton. He can play the two man game with Mr. Skyhook himself or McHale or pick’n role or pop with Zo.

My defense is anchored by Kareem and Zo in the middle. I don’t have great defenders on the wing, but none of them are bad defenders and are backed up by great rim protectors in Zo, Kareem and even McHale.

5. Conclusion
In the end I have more complete team, my team is the one that will exploit matchups and is the more experienced team. That and the combination of how efficient my team is, we just need to wait for team 7 to make mistakes and get worn down by my length and rebounding and post play. Jordan may be the goat, but in this setting, Kareem having Stockton is just as potent as Jordan.

Wes Mantooth

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Lmao at Thee’s write-ups...I read the first sentence of #1 lmfao...Paul Pierce was so inefficient as a rookie that he shot...41.2% from three!!!