2020 Free Agency Thread

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Just realized Rockets was actually able to convert the Wood deal into a trade. Apparently they got Wood and a first round pick from Detroit that had the potential to be one of the worst teams in the league over the next five years, for......Ariza.

Lol, always makes me wonder if we can ever pull off a deal like this
What the duck is Detroit doing... I would be calling them everyday.


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I'd rather let Rudy walk then take on Collins for his next contract.
just so we can make Azubuike our next Rudy, play that same old drop big defensive scheme, then bound for early playoff exits the next ten years?

Collins average 20+10, shoots 40% from deep and protects the paint with 1.6 blocks a game, every skill you'd desire in a modern day big, Collins has it. When everyone is crying for positional/strategical flexibility, you'd just prefer us to stand pat and expect everyone else to catch up with you back to the 90's?


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I really like Collins as well. I've been saying we should get him because he's got so much potential and is best friends with Donovan. If we trade Rudy for him, so be it. lol


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i'd still monitor the Collins extension situation. If Rudy demands the supermax, we should prioritize a sign and trade deal for Collins
Collins would be an amazing addition for us especially with the additions of Favors and Udoka. We could have a very dynamic center rotation with Collins' all purpose play, Favors' excellent defense/rebounding and Udoka's rim protection.

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Wow. Bogdan 4 years 72 mil....

At what point does Jordan Clarkson throw his agent's Christmas present in the ****ing garbage?