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2022 Free Agency Thread

The Spurs signed a player that was involved in one of the worst trades in Jazz history. Guorgi Dieng and Shabazz Muhamad were traded for Trey Burke or I should say their draft rights were.
The Celtics signed another Jazz alum to an Exhibit 10 deal: Denzel Valentine. They also waived Matt Ryan so he can go back to being QB for the Colts. The Celts have four former first round picks on Exhibit 10s: Valentine, Bruno, Justin Jackson and Noah Vonleh. They might have a heck of a GLeague team. The Jazz could do worse than signing Ryan to a two way.
Hoopswire has a list of 98 unsigned free agents that are still available. Surely there is a name or two that could help the cause.
I wouldn’t go that far, monetarily, yes, my sanity… gone. I used to be a well adjusted person till I found Jazzfanz.
Get help. I'm worried about you. I mean, you think you once had any sanity. Man the delusions run deep.
Sad to see Rodney Hood is still unsigned.

Such a good guy, hope his career isn't over.
Hey we could bring him back, why not? The tank crew needs a latrine specialist.