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2022 NBA Draft Thread: We Going to Have a Pick! (lmao jk)

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Have decided to finally cave and agree that Chet is the number 1 prospect... I'd prolly have it

1- Chet
2- Smith
3- Banchero
4- Ivey
5- Daniels
6- Murray
7- Sochan
8- Mathurin
9- Sharpe
12- Duren
13- Davis
14- Eason

I think I like Liddell, Moore, LaRavia a little more than consensus


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I wish there was some way we could find a way to get in the 14-18 range to grab Tari Eason. He has a great overall game for the 4 spot and if we did still have Gobert he would be an excellent fit next to him at the 4.