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2023 NBA Draft Megathread

I'm still upset we didn't get to see Hendrix earlier in the year way more often

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We are just lucky Danny had the balls to make the midseason moves or we wouldn't have hardly seen him and Brice at all.
I read the dude is only 6 foot 1 and 150 lbs and his team isn't very good at all so its probably just empty stats on a bad team I guess.

BTW I asked a general question a while back about the giant that plays for purdue and only one person gave me an answer (HH) and it wasn't much of one (he is boban).
What do you think? Does he get drafted in the first round? Is he a lottery guy? A second rounder? Undrafted? Not even an nba player?

End of second round or undrafted…he’s Boban basically… may play a bit here and there.
May have been me Fish. This is the exchange I remember…