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2023 Trade Rumors and Gossip Involving the Jazz

Man... this is already the craziest draft day trade activity and it's not even draft day.

How much money has moved in the last few days? Easily has to be a record at this juncture of the cycle (draft day cycle).
Staying alive. This is a low-key salary dump, likely an improvement considering their previous glut of big guards and lacking big rotation, and they get some draft capital to (hopefully) fill out their roster with cheap players.

This is genius on their part... assuming Smart wasn't the heart and soul of the team (in a good way). They needed a shakeup anyway.

man i see the salary stuff but Brogdon was so efficient and yeah Smart bled green Porzingis hasn't shown himself to be a winner and i can't see how he and Williams can play together
I agree White is a better fit next to the J's in Boston.

Smart is going to probably take over that Dillon Brooks type role in Memphis. They desperately needed some vet leadership. Their culture was headed in the wrong direction the past year.

He'll have to dye his hair blue now.
Won’t complain about the Jazz ‘tank’ anymore. Wizards lost their whole team and got absolutely nothing back for it. And they did it the year after the Wemby draft.

Incompetence isn’t a strong enough word.
Simply can't trust those thunder assistant GMs. Presti is the only man running the show and other guys are just the bus riders.

This Dawkins dude honestly reminds me of another former Thunder executive Rob Hennigan who traded Oladipo and Sabonis for Ibaka then four months later traded Ibaka for Terrance Ross. Then another four months later Presti flipped Sabonis&Oladipo for Paul George. Hennigan was fired by Orlando and returned to Thunder shortly after that. Wizards need to do the same and send Dawkins *** back to OKC.