7'3" 16 year old vs 7'1" Gobert


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Found this on Youtube. Nothing remarkable but Gobert nails a couple of threes that look pretty smooth.


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This just shows you the gap between the very top and everyone else. If you put Rudy on a Div 1 college team right now, he'd look like a cross between prime Wilt and prime Dirk. Or the 7'7 player with 99 for every stat I used to create in NBA Live 2001.


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Who are the other guys? The other two are about 7-foot as well. Hard to believe that Rudy can shoot that well, considering how he shoots in the games.


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The tall kid is Victor Wembanyama is who is the odds on favorite to go #1 in the 2023 draft. Think Porzingis+ and a much better defender. Sky is the limit for him.


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Wembanya turns 18 in January btw.. There's definitely some sort of bidding going on for his services next year..

'nothing remarkable' is probably a poor choice of words players that size and age usually look quite mechanical in their movements this kid is like freakishly well coordinated and his mid-range game is no joke.

Wembanyama, believe it or not, has really advanced feel fore the game and makes some really excellent descisions n can complete very difficult passes he possesses excellent vision and anticipation.