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Al Jefferson Breakdown - Locke, Corbin, and more....


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First off, sorry for another Big Al thread, but I think some here will enjoy it's content.


On Locked on Jazz, the link above, David Locke posted a podcast discussing the Al Jefferson acquisition, some offensive numbers and stats, Ty Corbin's take on Big Al, a scouts take on Big Al and Boozer, as well as some other guy's opinion. The podcast is located on the right hand side under the Audio section, titled Locke - Al Jefferson Breakdown.

I thought it would be interesting for those who do not live in Utah to hear what the locals have been hearing all week.

Nice ****ing find... Currently listening.

This is a diamond find for an out-of-town fan.

Baby, I'll give you some reputation when I am able to again....

Wow, I am sooooooo, sooooo hyped listening to this interview. I am so looking forward to watching this year's Jazz....if only to see AJ get nasty in the low post. I want that mother ****er banging the **** out of his opponents.
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