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Anti Trans Laws

The Thriller

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Nothin to worry about here. It’s all about protecting girls sports. Right?

All these hate crimes against LGBTs is just a coincidence that they’re occurring after 2 years of the right wing and Qanon calling LGBTs pedophiles and groomers. Words don’t actually influence actions, right?

Im sure giving these guys control of congress this fall won’t have any negative effects for the LGBT community. After all, gas prices justify it, right?

The Thriller

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Well, sure, except for those with funny accents, or weird skin colors, or bodies that don't work quite right (except diabetes, which is obviously what gawd intended, because he made us fat)...
Except for those. See, if we can just get rid of all of those undesirable people, you know find a solution or final solution you might say, then America will truly achieve its greatness.


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It’s based off a book. I read the book. Good dystopian stuff. I’m not really into that genre but it was okay.
The book was a bit heavy-handed for me, but told a good cautionary tale. The show has been....weird. I have liked it and not liked it at the same time, but I will watch until the end for sure.