anybody going to mention that dirty *** play embiid had on rubio?


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It sure looked bad, but I don't think it was intentional. Have to give it to Ricky, he's pretty tough. He played on, a lot of guys would have limped off and called it a night. Especially when they were getting thumped.


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Rudy tripped him. Foul should have been on Rudy.
Not buying way Rudy tripped him. Watch the reply. Rudy stumbled on Embiids right foot when Rudy was backtracking. Rudy never touched Embiid again after that. Embiid dove at Rubio. I’d venture a guess that if asked, Embiid would of course say he was going for the ball. Highly doubt it though.
Rudy’s foot as he steps on Embiids right foot.
Rudy’s feet no where near Embiids feet.
Embiid diving forward. Again, Rudy’s feet nowhere close to Embiid.
Still diving.
No way Rudy tripped Embiid... Dirty play all the way.

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Embiid missed 2 years with injuries and this is manufacturing hate up because you don't like the guy and that he tried to hurt Rubio …..Not a dirty Play !


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Embiid is the new golden boy of the NBA, everything wrong he does is overlooked by media and refs. The man is a walking machine and an admitted flopper and the refs keep buying him out. Too bad because he's a really talented basketball player.


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Embiid would have run over to get the ball except for the contact with Rudy. Acting like Rudy got tripped up when it was Embiid who FELL ON THE FLOOR due to contact with Rudy is dumb. Rudy didn't intend to trip him necessarily but Rudy threw his hip into him. causing the fall which resulted int he contact with Rubio.

Foul on Rudy.


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Hard to say if it was intentionally dirty, but it looks like he dove before any contact with Rudy. Altho Rudy's leg was in the way, and it might have contributed to him falling.

Hard to tell.


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I can't tell if it was premeditated or not. It's possible he thought Rubio wouldn't get a hand on the rebound and the ball would be hitting the floor. Rubio has long arms though and reeled it in.


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IMO - it was reckless, but not dirty. Same type of thing Delly used to get in trouble about. Contact with Rudy probably contributed (not nearly enough for a foul on Rudy though), but Embiid is the one responsible for diving to the floor. It could have resulted in a catastrophic knee injury for Ricky. I’m just glad that both of his feet were off the ground.


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It wasnt dirty. He just flopped trying to draw a foul on Gobert. I doubt he did it with the intention of falling into Rubio.
That could easily be why he hit the ground. Still think he dove for the ball and exaggerated the contact from Gobert. Regardless, I think it it was reckless on his part. Had Rubio been seriously injured it would’ve been ******.


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It looks suspicious to me, but I don't know what his intentions were.

My wife tells me to presume innocence but I tend to believe people are generally scheming for their own intetest. Life tells me we are both right about half the time.