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Game Thread Apr 02, 2024 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Cavaliers

Added to Calendar: 04-02-24

I cannot fathom how Keyonte got 36 minutes of PT in this game. I know I said he is starting to look a bit like Clarkson 2.0 but I didnt think he would get the full Clarkson minutes treatment as well. Dude is out there looking like the worst of our rookies and still leads the team in minutes.

Also the glaring absence of not doing any of the little things is beginning to worry me. I'm not out on him but MAN has he been rough lately.

On a more positive note, Brice looks like a real solid offensive player. That 2 man drive going back and forth with Yurt7 in the 2nd half was high level IQ stuff. Hendricks also produces nice defensive highlights every game it seems, and had few nice offensive flashes (that pivot move in the first half being my favourite).

Yeah agreed, It's a lot easier to look great as PG next to other great players. That also plays a lot in to the last thing I said, him being one of the focal points of the scouting report.

It is a little discouraging though. It feels like our other great players that we drafted (Deron, Hayward, Gobert, Mitchell) all got better as their rookie season went forward. Keyonte has been more of a roller coaster ride, with lots of really high highs, and tons of lows.
The schedule has also been incredibly hard. We aren't playing any tankers this year to end the year unlike last year.