Game Thread Aug 03, 2020: Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers

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Obviously everyone is excited for this game since no one has gotten the game thread started. But it's only the Lakers - we'll be fine! We are only 6 point underdogs.

I wondered if Royce O'Neal had gotten hurt in the last game. Looks like he is day-to-day, but "is considered probable for Monday's game against the Lakers due to a sore right foot."

The weirdest thing I read about Saturday's game (on ESPN):

Yet the Jazz still are looking at Saturday's game as a win. (emphasis added) On March 11 they were supposed to play in Oklahoma City when the game was called off just before the opening tip. Utah center Rudy Gobert had tested positive for COVID-19. Upon the conclusion of the March 11 slate of games, the NBA suspended play.

"It's pretty surreal that we ended up here kind of replaying the game," said Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell, who also ended up testing positive for COVID-19. "I think honestly it was kind of refreshing to go out there and play that game specifically because it was the one that really changed a lot throughout the world and I think for us to get out there, outside of just the game itself, but just for us as a whole and the NBA, I think it was a pretty special moment."

Um, I'm not looking at that game as a win. A special moment, maybe, but not a win.


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Just looking at the expectation that we actually perform better (which without adjustment seems unlikely) or actually at least try to throw new things.


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These bubble games are glorified scrimmages. For 10 years I bet I haven't missed 5 games (Either live or recorded)
I legit don't even care about this game, I'm home from work so I'll watch but it's not the same. I didn't even record the last game, kinda glad too.
The lack of replies on this thread make me think I'm not the only one.

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My cousin is going to be one of the virtual fans, so I guess that gives me a good reason to watch the game lol.


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If the Jazz draw the Nuggets in a 3/6 matchup and move up to #20 in the draft order, the bubble will have been a success.


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I'm thinking the Jazz should win their game with the Grizzlies, win one of their games with the Spurs, and probably beat the Mavs. I think we can beat the Nuggets too, but we may drop that game to help them get the 3rd seed.


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Was just about to compliment the Jazz om their passing and then we sweve up 2 lazy onee right to LA.


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We are on Pace for Breaking the record of A.Davis steals. Lets just continue to give him the ball on every Jazz possesion