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Bad News Bearzz of the NBA?


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I can't remember who mentioned it in one of the threads but I would like to give them some credit...

This team is a bunch of misfits that are somehow coming together. So many players that are cast offs from the league.
  • John Collins-Nobody wanted
  • Sexton-nobody wanted
  • Kris Dunn-nobody wanted
  • Markkanen-role player
  • Clarkson-just a chucker
  • Olynyk-nobody wanted
  • Simone is a 27 year old rookie
What a fun team to root for!
I wouldnt say no one wanted Sexton or KO.

No one wanted to pay Sexton what he wanted.

I'm sure plenty of people wanted KO. Jazz had to give up a quality starter coming off a career year to get him.