Billy D Pink Slipped


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Quin would have to find a way to be less popular than Corbin over just as long a period of time. In other words it's never happening.

Of course, if it turns out the players turn on him, blame him for blowing a 3-1 lead, this might be expedited. But realistically it's never happening.


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One of the notes of OKC hiring Donovan is that KD really liked Scott Brooks as a coach and the jettisoning of Brooks and the hiring of Billy D hastened KD's exit from OKC.

Also the title is incorrect.
No its not because utah will stick with coaches but he should be gone.. To me he is a better assistant coach. Some are just better in that re and Quin is one. Between the Jazz and Mizzou he just underperforms in playoffs or tournament.

Lord Bullingdon

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Billy D would be a massive downgrade from QS. Did you guys see that series they lost? We're you not left with the impression that was a winnable series with a better coach??