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Broverly Love?


There's been talk about taking a chance with Elijah Millsap in the second round. There's definitely low risk to taking him there and that's fine if he's the best that's left at that point. He seems to be somewhere between Paul and their older brother John skill-wise. He's not on Paul's level but appears he's going to have a better basketball career than John.

I see him getting training camp invites and just missing out on making a roster. So that leaves a D-League stint or playing in Europe. Here's some recent stuff that I found on Elijah,
Charles Barkley,

Barkley also said that UAB's Elijah Millsap, another early NBA draft entrant, "should stay in school.'' And then one of the NBA's 50 greatest players, who turned pro after three years at Auburn, started rolling on the subject.

"I don't know what these kids are thinking,'' he said. "If you're not going to go in the lottery, or in the first round, you should not go in the NBA draft. You put yourself in basketball limbo. You won't have anywhere to play. I'm not a big disciple of the D League (the NBDL).
Agree with Barkley. And the Jazz probably would have the inside track on getting Elijah as a FA. Utah needs to draft and stash a foreign player. That's what they tried to do with Suton, except he decided he was ready for the NBA. Draft the best 19-yr old foreigner so you can have his rights if/when he improves. Then look for the next Wesley Matthews as an undrafted invitee.

Hey, maybe the Jazz should draft Elijah, and then trade for Mohammed and Joe Smith. Any chance we could also pry Noah away from Chicago?
Care to elaborate?

He had average to below average handles for a college player his size. He didn't shoot remarkably well in the games I saw. He came off screens only modestly well as a college player, so I don't think he has the natural knack for it, he'd have to learn that. He'd have to learn how to do A LOT of things at the NBA level he was average to above average at doing. His best ability was slashing, and those are a dime a dozen coming out of college. Barkley was absolutely right, but I'm not sure if another year of seasoning would really have helped, since I don't think he's athletic enough for an NBA SF without some amazing skill to compensate for a lack of athleticism, like Korver and shooting.