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    Lurking ..
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    i already translated whole interview, its in the memo appreciation thread couple of days ago
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    it was in memo excited playing with kanter thread, anyway i re-post it

    Enes in interview :

    In the time that i didnt play official games, i worked hard together with coach cal n my teammates, i was always confident, i never stepped back, i always knew that i will play in nba one day n will be picked by a great team, now i feel great, and i appreciate ur support to me, my goal is to represent turkey very well here. (btw i felt that his turkish diminished since the last 2 yrs as well as his english improved by margin)

    second part: I really feel great that i will play along with a good player like Okur, i think he is a great player n i believe its my second home there, becuz we r both Centers n we r turks, thats why i believe it will be a great benefit for me to be in his team.

    The interview :

    Speaker: As we saw, Enes did pretty well with the interview, some players were too nervous to talk somethng but Enes managed that part pretty well. What r ur opinions?

    Memo: When i was in draft night, i dont even know what i talked, Enes talked at least in a proper way. That feeling is great, he was picked pretty quick, i waited till 30s.. so i can guess how excited he is, now i believe he is so happy, he is over the moon, he made first step to his dream, nba. Im so happy that we picked him, i was talking to Hedo for long yrs that it would be great if we played together with him, but now i got this chance with Enes, and as an elder brother i will do anythng to help him in and off the court.

    Sp: Enes also told, u worked a lot to make Enes come to utah

    Memo : I had a chance to make a long talk with KOC n he asked me about enes, i told that i didnt have opportunity to meet him in person but whoever i talked about him, made great comments so i told those positive comments to KOC, that he is a very hardworking player n he is very versatile, so im very happy if i had any effect on this decision.

    Sp: What difficulties Enes may face in Utah ? u know Utah very well, what kind of difficulties a rookie may have in Utah?

    Memo: Lets not make it utah, but lets make it nba, becuz nowadays its easier to go there but the difficult thing is to stay there long years. He is 19, very young, with a bright future, everythng actually depends on him, as much as he works hard n love what he does, he can stay there long years. But he gotta take care of his body very well, we play around 100 games together with the playoffs in a season, its a very long marathon, he is now a rookie...

    Sp: Do they make fun of rookies ?

    Memo: Not much in utah but i have talked to a couple of teammates, they told about some jokes they already did to him but now its not proper if i say it on tv .
    I can advice only one thing to enes, i will also tell it to his face when i see him , its a long journey, sometimes he will play 5 min, sometimes he wont play at all, he already lacks game practise for a while, he has long years ahead, he shouldnt give up, he should always get himself ready, season is long, there r injuries, as long as he is ready he will find opportunities to play.

    interval, comments about enes from corbin, calipari n KOC ...

    Sp: As we listened, lots of praises for him, now lots of young athlethes are watching us, nba is an important spot in world sports for a player to achieve, enes did it, referring to urself n Enes, what are ur advices to young players? We have 6 players in nba, wer r second after France in intl base.....

    Memo: Yeah its very tough, he gotta be ready always, im sure he will find chance to play, as i told it depends on him, when i was in detroit in rookie year, i couldnt take much play time, i was getting 5 mins, then when rebreca was injured n then i suddenly started to play 30 mins, n second season i started in 5. He is already talented, im sure he will do fine, he shouldnt stress himself, as long as he takes care of himself he will play long yrs in jazz,

    Sp: Ure the only turkish player who was allstar, do u think Enes can achieve that too?

    Memo : Everythng depends on him, he gotta put some goals, i had my goals at the start of every season, as long as u have ur goals n u work hard, then why not?

    Sp: Is there a trade possibility for Enes , or is there such gossips that u hear?

    Memo: i didnt follow the news too much, but its something out of players control, there s lots of capital going on, its a great business, every team try to make their move before the seasons starts, its a part of job, its a part of life, he cant do anythng about it

    Sp: Regarding the upcoming euro basket championship, what r the possibilities he will play n what can he add to the team?

    Memo : Its really important for him to play becuz i wont be able to play, Semih n Omer asik is also injured i dont know how much progress they made but there is an obvious shorthanddedness in bigman rotation, if Enes plays in national team, he may close the gap of not playing games for 2 yrs a little bit, and he may be more ready before nba season starts, also he can gain experience n make the national team better.

    Sp : What u think about the lockout?

    Memo :i dont follow that much but...

    Sp : how long may it last if it happens, n players can come to europe in that games?

    Memo : Now as far as i know, due to the rules brought by FIBA, the players who already has contract cannt play in europe but the ones whose contract expired. Now this is what i know but in the upcoming days some stuff may change.

    Sp: There is a fan question for u, about the injury update. is lockout an advantage for u?

    Memo : I couldnt play almost a year due to the injury, now i wanna play but i also learned from my mistake. When my achilles tendon was torn, i wanted to return asap, becuz i was never a player who sits on the bench n do nothing, this was the longest injury ever for me, i returned too early after 9 months, i wished i didnt return, cuz after i return , my left was weak and then the problem jumped to my hip, to much pressure on my hip, so now i wanna be sensibile about my injury, not even 99% but i would return when im 100% ready.
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    This deserves a rep, big time!
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    IMHO the most important part of the interview which is not traslated, Memo had spoken "us" everytime he referred the Jazz.

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