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Cats VS Dogs

What type of person are you?

  • I love all animals and have pet rats and snakes and they are best friends with each other

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We need a fun non-divisive thread in the general discussion demilitarized zone, so what better than cat-people vs dog-people... I think I mean cat people vs dog people, as the former would be some weird sci-fi black mirror type ****.

Public poll, can't change answers, closes in 20 days.

So I've always been a cat person. That is probably because my family had cats when I was very young and we eventually got some dogs, that I loved, but my old *** cats kept the mutts in check. In particular I had a cat named Blue (cue Old School references) who we adopted after she had been strayed by a neighbor who moved and left her behind. She lived as a stray for a few months. She had an all white coat with blue eyes. My sister and I, kids at the time, wanted to name her either Princess or Snowball but my parents vetoed that and named her Blue. She had at least three litters of kittens after we adopted her and I think she'd had a few litters before we adopted her. After the last litter was weaned my parents took her to get spayed and they were informed she was "laden" with yet another litter. My parents were like "we can't take a breath between litters with this little whore cat so end it and do the spay!"

We kept one of her kittens which my sister and I won out on in the naming and we named her Baby. It was an apt name and that cat was a stupid little baby cat for her whole life.

Blue, on the other hand, was a ****ing killer. This cat was the type that was laying dead birds and mice at your feat on the regular. She would stand her ground against dogs. She had no problem with us or without us, but she loved us. Once we got dogs she was their boss. I enjoyed it. On occasion, as a teen, I would get deli meat out of the fridge and all the pets (2 dogs, 2 cats) would gather around and I'd toss a few bits to Blue and she'd proudly eat them while the other pets stood watching. Then I'd give Blue a bigger chunk and then give the dogs and Baby a little treat. As long as Blue had her fill they were okay, but they would eat with sideward glances at Blue making sure she was okay with it. At the end I'd pick Blue up and give her lots of love and tell the other animals to go away.

One of my favorite moments was when she was sunbathing in the light of the backyard sliding glass door that I had open about 8". I was sitting there with her and a bird flew smack into the glass and then flopped onto the ground for a few seconds, kind of dazed. Blue stood up and did a sort of WTF thing before knowing what needed to happen. She ran out and pounced on the bird and killed it within 4 second of it hitting the glass. This cat was a cold hearted killer, and I loved her for it.

Blue eventually died from cancer of the mouth. At the end she couldn't eat after losing most of her teeth. This was a cat that was in my life from about 7 years old until 18 years old, and she wasn't young when we took her in.

So anyway, I'm a cat person.
You missed the only right answer. Cats are evil demons from hell and should be exterminated. That is the one I would have voted for.

Otherwise, if I had to choose I would probably choose snakes, but dogs are a close second.

Our current cat has the horrifying habit of bringing injured rodents into the house and just leaving them there. Some die, others recover and end up in my house as a rat or mouse trying to set up a ****ing colony. I cannot express the depth of my loathing for cats.

We have a pom/shih-tzu mix...what is that a pom-**** or ****-rainian? Anyway, she is 13 years old and still pretty spry. She has been a good dog overall. Travelled with us to Germany too. I like to remind my oldest son that the dog has been in more countries than he has. lol

But after this dog dies, and we buy a house, we are giving the cat away and will be animal-free for a while at least. We are getting kind of tired of having animals around and arranging care for them if we just want to head out for a few day or go to visit family is a pain. As empty-nesters we want the one big advantage of that, mobility and travel. So no more pets for a while after these are gone.
I'm a cat and dog person who loves all animals but only has cats and a dog as pets and I'm way more of a dog person than a cat person even though I love cats.

Im not exaggerating when I say that I believe that I love dogs more than anyone on the planet. I will be sitting in my living room drinking coffee and see someone walk by on the sidewalk with their dog and I will run out there and ask if I can pet it.

I go to the humane society just to see and interact with the dogs. (I also volunteer there so I can take them on walks and stuff)

I literally text my neighbor and ask to take her dog on walks.

When I go to friends and families house that have a dog I spend all my time and attention on the dog and barely talk to the humans.

Whenever we go to dinner at La Luna (my wife's favorite restaurant) I always have to go into the puppy store next door to see and pet all the puppies.

I often pick up dogs that are running loose in neighborhood and bring them home and find their owners and get them returned (I have done this many times)
I love both. I've typically owned both a cat and dog throughout my life. Cats are extremely easy to take care of. Dogs are a lot more effort, but give more as well. Biggest issue I've found with cats is the amount of people that are allergic. Biggest issue I've found with dogs is how they interact with visitors. We've had some dogs who get scared of visitors and bark at them the whole time. We've had other dogs that get super excited and jump on visitors.

Maybe the real issue is that my wife like's to have visitors over too much.
I have no interest in owning either a dog or a cat, but my only option was "I hate dirty animals." That isn't a fair representation of how I feel, but I voted that as it was my only non-pet option. I'm allergic to many dogs and cats and I stay away from them, but I do find puppies cute from a distance.
I like the idea of owning a dog but my work hours won't allow it. Cats are low maintenance, so perfect for my lifestyle, my current little butcher is fabulous she murders rodents at a phenomenal rate. My neighbour has chickens, so also has a rats nest, my cat stalks it daily.
I am very solidly in the cat camp. To me, dogs are at 11 most of the time, and I need my animals to be at...oh, about 3.

I currently have two cats. Theodore is the boy on the left, Stella is the girl on the right. He's almost 3 and she's almost 2. Both were rescues. We got Theo when he was one, and then got Stella a few months later when she was only 3 months old. He hissed and complained about the new kitten for about an hour, and then decided that he adored her. They are generally inseparable and haven't had a fight since we've had them. They can even eat together from the same plate no problem.

I’ve never had a cat but I have a dog. A mini golden doodle. She’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed. She has a doggie door so she isn’t reliant on us to take her outside. The biggest issue we have is her getting excited and jumping on guests and how she becomes really affectionate during sports games. She’s really fun.

I guess it's a love/hate. I loved my first cat, she was the perfect house pet, if I could clone her I would have. She was a black cat named black beauty. My second cat(a calico) not so much. She wanted nothing to do with me and would stratch you if werent careful, she had a thing for attacking feet. It wasnt until she got sick and was dying before she would willfully sit on your lap. I havent owned a pet myself since.

My brothers dog is pretty chill for the most part, she doesnt bark much but she hates bicycles for whatever reason. She is friendly toward most people. My sisters dog is a mini dachsund. I dont know if they are all like this but this dog is a little menace. It barks at just about everybody. It definitely has a napoleon complex.

I think dogs are fine as long as they arent barking and you dont have dumbarse neighbors who leave them outside at 1 am to bark.
I’ve only ever been around one cat that I liked. My best friend in high school had a cat that was awesome. Only one ever.
I’ve had at least one dog in my life constantly, except for a brief period of about 5-6 years. I’m 44 years old. I grew up with labs. Gus (don’t remember him) and then Chet. Abby came along when Chet got old. When my older brother bought his first house, he took Abby with him. When my wife and I bought our first house, we bought Grizzly the next weekend. He welcomed each and every one of my kids home. Best damn dog I’ve ever had. When he died, I was wrecked. Completely wrecked. We’d bought Moose when my second kid was about one. When Grizzly died, we bought Moose a new companion, Kodiak. He couldn’t even come close to replacing Grizzly. As Moose got older, we bought our first non-lab. Hercules is an English Mastiff. Now we just have Hercules and Yogi, a Bernese Mountain Dog/Great Pyrenees mix. He’s a hairy SOB.