The Thriller

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Yeah maybe, I have no idea...having not seen him play much. But if he is not a total boat anchor, he could be 5-6 fouls to throw at a wing in a grind it out kind of game.

We are out scoring people lately due to our outstanding offense, but if the game gets ugly and the refs let us play ... who you gonna call? Oni first for sure, but Shaq could be an answer. My point is we fans don't know if that is a viable solution or not. Hopefully Quin does.
If Hughes could ever recover from this ankle injury, I'd give him some burn ahead of Harrison but behind Oni (at least for the moment).

I'd like to see what Hughes can do. And while Shaq might be a better defender than Hughes, he's a complete 0 on offense. Low Bball IQ and from what I've seen, a terrible stroke.

At the very least, Hughes can be another speed bump to throw at wings while still maintaining at least a threat of scoring from the outside.


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Nah, we don't have any trade assets left for any kind of upgrade.

the best way and perhaps the only way to go about this is to get young wing prospects from the draft and have Quin slowly bring them into the rotation. He's done that for Royce and Niang. Now Oni's been getting the same treatment and providing us with some solid minutes of late. that way we get ourselves solid players who can contrite without hurting the team's chemistry.

now imagine if we can get some elite projects like Jaden Mcdaniels who possess all the tools to become something special instead of some second/third tier level prospects like Oni or Morgan, we will be in a so much better position now and for the future


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Personally, I would play Morgan over Niang. He rebounds better and has shown he can hit a three now in then. Perhaps his shooting improves if he has more minutes. I like the idea of OBJ if he gets bought out. However, bringing any outside players could mess up the chemistry. I am not for overreacting because we lost to the Clippers by a mere 4 pts on their homecourt.