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Closing Lineup, Crazy Experimental Lineup

Saint Cy of JFC

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I assume he improves his conditioning, and you would only have him do it for minutes at a time.

I think it doesn't work as well, but would be curious if his lateral quickness is really that bad.
Yeah, he can't. His lateral quickness isnt terrible, but it's not close to being anything other than a drop big 5.

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The lineup I’m most looking forward to is Forrest, Butler, Oni, Paschall, Udoka because that is the lineup we play in the fourth when we up 30.


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Small ball lineup has to feature Royce, Gay and Paschall at the same time. Or else there won't be enough rebounding on the floor to make it work.


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Now that we are half way through the season and have a couple of days between games I thought it would be good to revisit the idea of ideal closing lineup. My ideal lineup of Conley, Mitchell, Royce, Gay, and Gobert hasn't changed, but has only played a total of 1.4 minutes all season. Thanks a lot Quin.

The 2 man lineup of Gobert/Gay are a +18.5 per 100 pos vs Gobert/Bogey is +14.2 per 100 pos. The Gobert/Gay lineups are allowing 97pts/100pos, however they are mostly playing against second units.