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Consensus Mock Draft Pick #10 Dallas Mavericks

Who are the Dallas Mavericks going to draft at #10?

  • Nick Smith Jr

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  • Jalen Hood-Schifno

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  • Jordan Hawkins

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  • Kris Murray

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  • Dariq Whitehead

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  • GG Jackson

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  • Brice Sensabaugh

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  • Trayce Jackson-Davis

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  • Leonard Miller

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  • Rayan Rupert

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  • Other - please specify

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San Antonio Spurs - Draft Victor Wimbanyama (Figure we didn't need to vote on this)
Charlotte Hornets - Draft Brandon Miller
Portland Trailer Blazers - Draft Scoot Henderson
Houston Rockets - Draft Amen Thompson
Detroit Pistons - Draft Cam Whitmore
Orlando Magic - Draft Ausar Thompson
Indiana Pacers - Draft Jarace Walker
Washington Wizards - Draft Anthony Black
Utah Jazz - Draft Taylor Hendricks
Dallas Mavericks -
OKC Thunder -
Toronto Raptors -
New Orleans Pelicans -
Atlanta Hawks -
Utah Jazz -
LA Lakers -
Miami Heat -
Golden State Warriors -
Houston Rockets -
Brooklyn Nets -
Brooklyn Nets -
Portland Trail Blazers -
Sacramento Kings -
Memphis Grizzlies -
Indiana Pacers -
Charlotte Hornets -
Utah Jazz -
Indiana Pacers -
LA Clippers -
Maybe they will pick the cuban smoker lol
I got Dallas taking a Kyrie replacement in Keyonte, or if they can convince Irving to stay, they will take bpa for somebody else in a trade down.
This might be the wildest spot in the entire draft. Basically impossible to do this pick since it seems the Mavs are trying to trade it.
Oh no it is a tie. How do you think we should break the tie?

I voted for Keyonte George. I’m fine to change my pick to one of the top 2 vote getters to break the tie. Would’ve done it sooner if I’d have checked this thread earlier.

Don’t think the Mavs take Grady Dick, so I’ll say that Lively is the better pick for them. That’s who the pick should be. Think there’s going to be some wild trades this year. . .