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I clicked on the link and didn't see the tweet or quote you speak of.
That is a really bad look though if he said that.

Wes Mantooth

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I’d have to hear it in context.

It could be to motivate the troops. Or it could just be a commentary on how great of a “coach” Quin feels Paul is on the court.

Nothing to see hear imo.


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Found it. If any of you think that's anything, then, you should go back to school.

Quin has ALWAYS been incredibly respectful of other players and coaches. He dishes out the compliments to them. I for one really like that he does that. He's a true gentleman.


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Will someone just type what he said? That link goes nowhere.

entire article:
When Jazz coach Quin Snyder praised the Rockets' ability to adjust, he said that Rockets guard Chris Paul is a better coach than he is. Paul was not buying it.
"Tell Quin I ain't no free agent anymore," Paul said. "He doesn't need me, anyway. I really like Quin. That why this series will be a big series because I know they'll be prepared every night.
"Me and Quin are both on the competition committee. I got the upmost respect for him. In one of those long three-hour competition committee meetings you get a chance to see the way a coach's mind works, him and Brad Stevens and all the other people in there, so I have the upmost respect for him."
I don't see anything too crazy there..


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I don't see what the big deal is. I have no problem with anything Quin said.


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Its called not giving the other team bulletin board material. Or giving your team unnecessary bad press.